Finally got my Acc Back… After 3 months


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  • Shadow.

    I salute you for dealing with that. I'm dealing with the same task right now for a false underage ban. I'm not going to stop trying.

  • Alkszikibro

    So happy you got your account back ong Im going through the same 

  • yeah, man. i'm having the same problem. got entirely locked out bc they changed the password once i changed the email and i'm gettin nothin but responses telling me to make a new account ( despite me having proof it was mine in the first place ! i use it to sign into other websites, and some of them show that it's still connected )

    AND my last ticket got marked as solved without them even responding lmao. i almost lost hope with the twt account saying they ‘ can’t change account information ', but this has given me my hope back . thanks :]


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