Stereo Audio for audio sharing (& adding audio sharing to 'Your Entire Screen' option)


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  • Nich

    Yes! I would like to use discord to do live sound design streams but am running into this exact problem. Thanks!

  • Takun

    "Stereo Audio" means that there are 2+ audio channels, this allows a single source to output to multiple speakers to emulate directional sound. The upgraded version of that is Surround, and the downgrade is mono. This has nothing to do with playing multiple application's audio through a single output.

    So to explain the function of this, a mic for instance (in most cases) is only mono. So someone talking to you will always be in mono, or a single audio channel. In terms of headsets, this means you will hear them through both ears.

    Now let's say you were streaming a game, and a helicopter flew past you from right to left. In Mono, you would hear it in both ears at the same audio level. In Stereo, you would hear is loudest from the right and marginally from the left, then they will cross-fade until the left is loudest and right is marginal, at which point the left will then lower its level as it gets further 'out of earshot'.

    That being said, the audio channels are controlled by your device, not by discord. So if you are "always" in Mono, then you don't have adequate audio equipment or you don't have an updated device (as any modern device, for the past decade at least, natively supports Stereo).

    For that matter, what you are actually talking about, the ability to select your input source is already a setting in Discord. However, it won't let you pick an 'output' as your input. You would need either an audio controller or streaming platform, such as XSplit, which would allow you to merge you audio sources into an emulated input. I'm not sure what work you are doing with music, but physical hardware such as a mixdeck, launchpad, etc. are all able to do this as well.

  • IceyGuy

    Takun, you seem to have completely missed the point he was making. He's talking about streaming audio which is a feature where the application you choose will be "streamed" in the form of a screen share and audio. What he is comlaining about is that it's all in mono, which destroys the quality of the sound from the application and that matters when streaming things like Fl Studio and shit.

  • Bot Monte

    Definitely need that in my life!

    Even if it's only for Nitro. I'm buying it just to have 1080p sharescreen.

  • Audiodude

    Agree! Pls Discord Staff do available stereo option for audio sharing! At least for Nitro Users! We have stereo mic's but they are useless with only mono option :(

  • Madzia

    I use sound share quite a lot and mono is killing me.

    Please give us an option to use stereo!

  • lucasgatti

    Same here, and the audio screen option for Mac too would be awesome

  • ABrony

    YES, It is exactly what i needed! It would be the best update in my opinion!

  • Sir Fancy

    Still looking for this!

  • Skellybob

    I would love this feature as well. I like working on music with my friends in calls but its hard to help them balence the sound when its all in mono. 

  • ÄÄÄ

    stereo pls. bring us into the 20th century

  • Ted Beauvarlet

    STEREO, even if its in the Server Boost options : Level 1 or Level 2 ... We Need it !!!! PLEAAAASE !!!!!

    I work in the music industry and we need Live Audio Stereo when Streaming 

  • will “mr admin”

    Please fix this! Very annoying. At minimum have the mono mix play through both speakers!

  • Tek No Logique Records



  • Devil

    Yes, please!!!!!! I would buy nitro than!

  • NariyalPaani

    Has there been any development on this yet? How can i get the voice output from a voice channel from mono to a more surround or stereo type audio? The quality difference is HUGE
    Discord developers please let me know if there is a workaround for this. Thanks. 

  • Raison Varner

    We use Discord for work a lot now due to covid and not having stereo audio pushes us to other platforms when ideally we'd like to stay in discord for streaming media and conducting content reviews with our team. 

  • sounddesigninstitute

    it's 2020 and spaceships are leaving and coming back. the video has become 1080P and this does not surprise anyone (even if you have to pay =) But something went wrong. the stereo world and spatial sound are still in mono. Guys, please make a stereo =)

  • Milk

    This is a must feature at this point, please, discord staff, add this!

  • Lenine Rising

    we need this , stereo features , mostly with this shitty diseased /lockdown .
    very useful to share sound /video with some daw 

  • Nikhil Bejai

    Place where I work has switched to discord from zoom for music making related courses. Inability to use stereo whilst screen sharing has become the one major disability!  Would be AMAAAZING if you guys could fix this. Tnx! Besides that, simply awesome.

  • D/WN

    Feels bad to see that this thread has started 2 years ago and that nothing has changed since then :(

  • Rexami

    I need this feature badly, adding the option to share whole computer audio in a screen share, similar to what Skype does, would be monumental.

  • kaptaink9

    Here we are....still waiting for something that has been basic to sooooo many applications/games and tv. Why is this still mono?

  • TheRealGuyBurger

    This needs to happen immediately!

    Discord has a thriving music community which uses the platform for streaming interaction. If you don't do this somebody else will and that will lose you a lot of interaction on your platform. Stereo is important to us music heads. YOU ARE MORE THAN JUST A GAMING PLATFORM FOR VOICE CHAT NOW. PLEASE ACT LIKE IT.

    While you're at it please make the streaming channels able to hold larger numbers of viewers. I'm on Harry Mack's discord (~18000 members strong) and we've had to do Patreon only pre-shows on Zoom now for these reasons. 

    Sleeping on feedback like this will cost you.

  • Jiraiya

    Exactly my point! why do you limit yourself by describing yourself as just a game chat app, there are so many creative people who want to use this feature and use discord primarily to connect to their community! please share the feedback and try to bring this feature to everyone!


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