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  • ramya

    Is there an update on this ? 

  • Оля Фы

    Сделайте в настройках возможность регулировать величину шрифта, пожалуйста

  • 4epen

    Для телефонной версии ;)

  • Screamingfail

    Android too!! 

    I have attached an image of my users trying to use Discord on their mobile devices.


  • Gladia

    I was just looking for this, it would be very good to have the dynamic text size in the mobile app.

  • lil Sykes

    Pls we need that

  • Stella

    Tocante :pensive:

  • herman

    pls add it or else i will cry :sob: :sob:

    pls i cri evrytiem i read dis :sob:

  • Cleitão😎

    Bom dia né fazer oq

  • Halluf

    dei upvote :sunglasses:


  • ugly



  • Merle

    Seriously, it's hard to read.

  • Myra

    I'd really appreciate this too, on Android specifically, but also both. My eyesight is kinda failing (thanks uveitis) and I just can't read the app text any more.

  • Shirazmn

    The size of the font is too small on the Android app. I'd need it to be at least 2x as big. How can you not have thought about this, considering all the pressure about accessibility?

  • Scept1c

    +1000 !!!!!

  • PookAcrylic

    It's been 4 months and nearly a thousand upvotes this isn't rocket science guys let's see the patch

  • Mello

    hm, it would be nice to have an additional font slider in settings like on desktop, although you can change font size/DPI in Android settings already.

  • TechGuy

    I agree. This is the biggest complaint I receive from my older alliance members. I have referred them to the desktop client but most are using Discord for mobile gaming and do not have laptops.

  • DIO

    5 months and still nothing.
    Good job.

    Give us OPTIONS to pick our OWN font sizes for everything. I absolutely hate this mix-up of big/small fonts and i generally like the current small font. For all the people complaining about small font... try enabling the old people mode on your phone, it automatically zooms everything in so you get your bigger font already.

  • test3

    It's a really big problem!
    Font size in mobile menu is ok (channels, options).
    But font size in messages is much smoller.
    I cannot read without glasses.
    But i can read whatsapp.

    Please, increase font size in messages.

    Help me!

  • edsonpaul

    The font size in the mobile apps is absolutely too small! We have a community composed of members from literally all walks of life (including some around their 60s) utilizing discord as our main means to communicate, and this is by far the most complained thing about this app. Please let us have this option in the mobile apps soon!

  • JitterTed

    As others have mentioned, forcing me to change my entire iOS font size just so Discord can be readable is not an option. There are so many other chat and messaging apps that provide easy ways to adjust the in-app font size. I would really like Discord to be able to do that as well.

  • kg6sxy

    I use a larger font across all of iOS but discord doesn't honor the larger font size.  It is still unreadable.  It's a little insulting to be told by the developers that it works when it clearly doesn't.  Maybe the importance they put on this issue would be higher if they actually had someone working there with low vision because apparently, if it doesn't personally affect them, it's not important at all.

  • 🖤riot grrrlboss🖤

    My trouble in specific is that since the newest update, the font of my name in the app is bigger than the text. My option of nicknames is more limiting since i hate the cut off, and more importantly, my eyes are immediately drawn to the larger text. It strains my eyes trying to read the screen because the message text is way too small while the name text was arbitrarily made larger; it's the opposite to the solution we all appear to be having. I'm on Android btw

    To suit all needs, i really think there should be a way to at least have small/medium/large font settings, one for names and one for messages at least. Best solution is a slider so you can be more precise, definitely. I tried to mess with the font size on my device itself but everything was thrown so out of wack that it made it worse.

  • cris77ian


  • Ton_80

    love my new 12.9" ipad.  great screen.  too bad i have to hold it one inch from my face to read discord chat...please add font scaling in iOS.

  • [IPA] Markas

    I have a group that would like to move to Discord from LINE and have found that for the desktop and Android apps the font setting has been done but that the Apple versions have not. It may turn out to be the main reason we do not migrate over. 

  • Katharta

    Thanks for adding this. Discord app is so just more usable on Pixelbook now.

  • thetechguy
    yeah this is a good option. this could also be an a11y feature.

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