Nicknames in Group Chats


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  • Evox

    yes i definitely agree this needs to be added asap as i am a site moderator so i need my site name in the dm. yes i could edit my username but that's the name i use outside of moderating etc. 

  • ♡katiebug♡

    I was just thinking about this, and i think it'd be pretty neat to have

  • Deimos

    Agreed! Maybe also be able to add custom client side only nicknames or even custom per chat profile pictures.

  • Robin MGP

    this would be a nice add, and it at the same time wouldnt take away from what a gc is meant to be, "a server without the permission set up"

  • ShockingShots

    My friends and I say this all the time. We have a bunch of nicknames for each other that change based on the private group chat, so it'd be amazing to be able to change nicknames in group chat.

  • Celestial

    I think this is important, as people often have different online names than real names. It gets confusing after a while to remember who SugarTRex is in real life. Or people have similar names and you want to add additional info to know which community you met them from.

    While this can be done using the notes feature, it's an annoying extra step when you have multiple people.

  • ᴋʀɪꜱᴛʏ ʙᴇᴀʀ

    Would be nice as my moderation name is different from my actual username and people in group chats tend to get confused since they only know me by moderation name.

  • Isso facilitaria muito atitudes fraudulentas.

  • meinmaxzahlung

    Totally agree, just recently noticed it wasn't possible to change DM nicknames and I was really disappointed :(

  • Turkey

    I changed my dm groups name but i forgot how to do it again it seems like you removed it

  • Droideka

    Would be especially helpful when you want your public username to be anonymous but want your friends to be able to identify you by name

  • 💙Kayla💙

    I Agree because is confusing when someone changes their username

  • dubstemp

    I definitely do agree! This is a cute idea IMO

  • MichaeI


  • Revali

    Yeah. It would require a new nickname system (maybe defined as something else, like "Personal Name" or something) in addition to the traditional definition (as in the Server Nicknames system), but I would love that feature. I have resorted to using notes as well.

    I see you're a fellow person with friends who love changing their usernames every night?

    Maybe it could use something like's RealID system or the PlayStation "Real Names" system, where if you accept the "real name" invitation someone sends you, your account name is permanently shown to them, regardless of what you change your username to.

    Like, when PlayStation asks you to sign up for an account and asks for your real name. If you accept a real name invitation, their real name would be shown to you over their username.

    It would be helpful to just have "John" show as their username instead of whatever completely new username they changed it to.

  • dxtention

    Please bring this as a person who cant keep a username people forget who I am

  • Pax

    This needs to be a thing


  • Eliza

    This would be pretty cool ngl


    @dxtention I agree to somewhat for that purpose - mostly because I don't always use notes (others can't see those either)

  • Bent Van Aeken

    Doesn't seem necessary but it does sounds like a nice little feature!

  • P1asma

    Discord needs this feature! I want to use my real name for close friends, but still use my username for non friends.

  • MichaeI

    Agreed or sometimes I use different names/tags for different games. Really hope they make it a feature

  • dole ☆

    Just signing my stamp of... begging on this thread. Pretty please Discord!

  • Cheezitz

    This would be really helpful.  The notes function allows you to record the information, but you can't do anything with it.  Nor is the information immediately visible.


  • MrAltF4

    This feature now more than ever would really help for the team chats i have. Especially when we have to go to DMs in order to have video call. Having "MrAltF4" near my webcam of me isn't all that great. 

    Sure i could make another account to solve this issue, but is it really worth it?

  • Beastmode, Sin of Pride

    It's a good idea since some people use absurd names on discord(including me)

  • Toasty

    Bump so this keeps going

  • Snork_Games

    Much needed, in the same way that I'm known by different names on different servers, I'm known by different names in different DMs/group chats

  • Mariah 🌱(they/them)


    If facebook can do it, so can you. 

  • romani!



    this is much needed 

  • Hyungnim

    Hoping it is part of their todo list and will be added soon :) 


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