Way to save and switch profiles quickly


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  • Underscore

    On PC a simple way to use severals accounts is to use différents internet navigators.
    But on phones, it would be useful

  • mattg

    I would just like to add that this is a pretty major source of frustration for me. 

  • oshap

    Me too, this would be so amazing

  • Just Dan

    You can use https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.oasisfeng.island to duplicate the app into the work profile essentially having two copies 

  • Pyro

    This would be fantastic on mobile.

  • UltraKirby123

    I desperately would love to have this feature, as a friend of mine stopped using discord due to finding it tedious to log in and out of different accounts when he wants to keep a certain side of himself private from another. This would be great on phones and on the PC app.

  • idprism

    I just realized this is in "mobile" category.

    Should it be moved to "accounts" category? I want this functionality anywhere I can get it.

    I have one name in steam and one name in origin and one name in irc and one name in <whatever else>. I don't necessarily want the people in origin to know my steam ID because it's autocompleted and visible in discord.

  • DemiWah

    Would love to have this capability for mobile.  It's possible to work around it on desktop by grabbing the public test client as well, though that's not an option on mobile.

  • Mid

    pls add this feature

  • Alexandra ×

    Just use different Operating System Accounts and your problem is solved.

  • Altrunchen

    @Alexandra yeah but on slower computers logging out of one OS account and back into another can take a long time, not even kidding.

    Discord would have a huge edge on the competition if it implemented a quick profile-switching function since I'm pretty sure none of its competitors (Skype, Teamspeak, etc.) offer that right now.

  • Waf

    I think this feature would be so handy, I was going to make a post about it until I seen this one.
    I really would like to see this feature come into place because I have 2 accounts one for online friends and 1 for irl friends, it would make things much more convenient to quickly switch between them instead of logging in and out all the time.

  • GeekRealms

    I agree, this would be a great feature.

  • mellodoot

    Over 2k upvotes, yet very little interaction down in the comments!

    I highly approve of this feature. I've actually been curious for months if Discord would ever implement a feature like this. Services like Instagram and Facebook have very clean and efficient methods of quickly switching accounts, and as someone who has both a private and a public account (among many others for various purposes), this kind of feature would be a huge help for sure ^^

    My current workaround is having multiple versions of the Discord app installed (PTB for my main public), but realistically that method isn't a great way of mimicking "account switching". This also still means that mobile users are stuck with the one account at a time. Seeing quick and easy account switching would be great!

  • Zech

    that feature exist

  • KIng72

    Can tell me the steps how to do it in both devices, PC and Android?

  • Zech

    in PC, u need to press on the wheel down left, and u can see “Log out”
    i think its the same with android.

  • KIng72

    I want to switch accounts without logging out and I want to switch accounts easily like social media.

  • Zech

    U can open discord on the web and log in to another account from there,

  • KIng72

    But I want Discord switch accounts without logging in and out in my phone that is how Discord can improve

  • ヤシュ ミッタル

    I think we cannot login to multiple account on web. On mobile sure we can login to multiple accounts like: Twitter and Instagram.

  • KIng72

    Well you can improve this that is my feedback

  • JoKez

    Pls Discord add this

  • Anime production


  • MrAPOD

    I would love to introduce discord as a community tool at my work. For that we need to be able to switch between accounts.

  • ECC9

    http://prntscr.com/m90puc why it's not added yet??

  • Grimpeeper

    For Android users, I think it would be efficient to optimize the Discord app for the Dual Messenger feature. Messenger, Snapchat, and WhatsApp do this already.

  • 󠀀󠀀

    @Grimpeeper Ikr


  • Vera Accalia

    Exactly. This would be extremely useful for say if your work/company used discord for communication between workers. It would be awesome if you were given the option "Do you want to join this server as (account 1) or (account 2)

  • Romit

    Please support me.


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