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  • tokiodreamy

    I've always wanted pinned messages to work like this, but they're more of an "Archived" message. I want something that works similar to pinning a tweet but stays at the top when you scroll. Also with the option to hide/minimize it!


  • Jetfire🚀

    I help mod a large-ish server. We constantly have new members who break the same couple rules in certain channels, so it would really help to be able to pin those rules to the top of the channel so that they're visible on desktop and mobile (most of our users primarily use mobile).

  • Robere_Starkk

    I posted this same response in another suggestion, but this one has more upvotes!
    The fact there's multiple requests for more or less the same functionality is telling!

    I second this, it would be useful in so many different ways.
    Fair enough to have an announcements channel for big honking news, but occasionally something will crop up temporarily that you just want to say "Look, here's a thing you need to know for longer than the chat history will keep it prominent, but not long enough to put it into a dedicated channel", or even something that you think "This should be always kept in mind when people visit this channel". Whether it's channel-specific rules, or even just the current set of rules for the current minigame you're playing, a way to make people aware that the admins are aware that the server is down but it'll be up soon, whatever.
    These sorts of things don't need to be flooding the announcements channel, because other more long-term or more broadly useful information will be buried.

    I'd even say there should be similar options to the muting for configuring the timing, including until further notice.

    People just aren't going to click and check the pins for this type of thing.
    From what I can tell, mostly pins are used as a bookmark to more easily find something later that you already know is there, and not as a 'Please look at this message' kind of thing.
    I'm not saying it's not a useful thing to have, but doesn't fill the need we've got for something like a 'sticky post'.


    Sticky Posts on forums, heck the whole concept of "Stick this somewhere it's prominently visible so people click/look at it, it's important" would be a fantastic addition. You could even allow people to click it to jump to the context, so that people could post short intro-like messages that won't make the sticky huge, and then elaborate in a follow-up message, and just sticky the short bit.

    I also agree that the channel topic is not something people read either. They also have no real way to know when it changes, especially if it changes in a part closer to the end where there's no preview.
    Stickying a message means if they've not clicked it, it can show up as new.

  • zyl


  • Nomad

    I like this idea. Like a sticky of a post. When I put in a post as soon as the channel is made with channel rules and such. I pin it but after a while it gets lost and no one looks at pinned messages because they are hidden away so I like the idea of pinning or sticky-ing a post to the top of the channel that's prominent and easy to see and when scrolling stays stickyed. Like on websites how the top navigation bar is sometimes sticky and stay on the top when when scrolling.

  • mawesome4ever

    To add to this, if there are multiple pins then just use the latest one. If the issue is with having a embed or a very long message, then possibly have a check where you could a certain amount of characters to only display a line so that the members could click on the actually pinned message to read it entirely.

  • Nomad

    I agree with everything Robere_Starkk has said! He explains what we are after perfectly. Pins and channel topics are just not enough. Discord adds so many useless things but not some of the stuff we need and we NEED this.....

  • Rondo

    This would be amazing to have. The channel topic is really not visible enough and is all on a single line unless you click it.

  • stayselected

    This would be useful for a number of applications.
    As would other basic moderation tools, such as this:
    Please consider upvoting it.

  • rawr

    channel topics?


  • Anonyx

    wow. I've never really checked these community suggestion places before but maybe I should've, considering I've had this exact idea for a month or two now and I thought it was so hopeless to think discord may ever have this feature, that I was planning on programming my own version of discord just to have a feature like that! a message or just- text of *some* sort that's always prominently visible unless hidden!


    please yes

  • aleeza

    Being able to pin a message of the day or announcement that is visible on the chat side of AeroInsta App.

  • woyejax

    Considering the idea for a prominently visible message or text feature on Discord, I hadn't checked community suggestions before. Thought it was hopeless for Discord to have this feature of Florida Medicaid eligibility. Contemplating programming my own version. Any thoughts?

  • acrisis 🇧🇪

    5 years … still waiting to have a stickied message at the top of the screen.
    Pins are too invisible on mobile (they're hidden for unknown reasons?!), and most people are lazy, thus don't go checking for them. 
    So, day in day out, there is tons of time wasted with people not following the channel topic, not seeing pins, asking the same questions 10x, 20x, 100x … 

  • Ahuman
    You could also turn on slowmode.

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