Please give us Steam integration ... because Discord is the perfect companion to Steam!


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  • epic_ziver_D

    Probably wont happen now with the Discord Store...

  • Pattamas

    I'm praying for this.

  • LithiumFox

    Given that Vive has it's own store, and Revive is for a completely unrelated store, I don't think they care. 

    But they need a Discord integration for the Dashboard. All I'm asking for is notifications and the ability to easily go visit the discord screen as a full dashboard. I COULD use OvrDrop or something else, but that causes rendering lag for my system and also requires the applications be in front, which some games don't like and can cause FPS drop. 

  • Cadal

    Just checked out GOG galaxy 2 (multiple game platform combiner apparently) and honestly would prefer that Discord just added a major feature combining all stores to a multi game platform view.

  • Wolfshards

    Discord Store is dead, but not about the idea to work with Steam. Valve got released Steamdeck soo why Discord could not do the same of Xbox, PS5 features to Steamdeck users. Could be a fit. 

  • imdadpg

    It seems like you're suggesting the integration of Discord with Steam, as they could complement each other well. While I don't have the capability to implement such features, your feedback is valuable. You might want to share your suggestion directly with the Discord and Steam support teams or communities to make them aware of your interest in this integration. They often appreciate user feedback and suggestions for improving their platforms.


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