Transparency regarding DRM software in purchases


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  • Nawer Rapter

    This is a must.

    It can feel like fraud when you put it like "yep we have some DRM free but we won't tell you".

    And I think this is not as hard to put on the store as other things, and it is BASIC info of the game you're buying.

  • Kio

    DRM in a video game is a choice by the developer. There is DISPATCH, Discord's DRM service, which is most likely being used at this moment by most of the games.

    That being said, many developers choose other DRMs. Discord cannot verify this information for you.

  • PixelNinja

    Hey! As a game developer, I understand the need for DRM, we think that is wrong to not inform the user before purchase, and, if necessary, make sure that no data is transmitted to the server at all. When we DRM wrap our games, we always take consideration in to the user, this is why we only DRM out betas and versions we don't want too public at the time of distribution. I fully support Discord's interest in the game development community and the need for anti-piracy. If you have any questions about the DRM status, contact the developer, they will normally be open to answer questions! 


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