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  • Bryce

    How is this not added yet?

  • Hasansa

    Please add this

  • Driftage

    Can this pleaaaaaase be a feature already? It would be so handy for guild leadership moving messages to a channel so that they can be archived (i.e. accepted/denied applications, raid absences, etc.). 

  • Arkadia MUD

    Add moving msgs pls, also divide `manage_roles` into edit/add/remove/assign permissions very much please =]

  • NIGHTMARE(aka Crystal)

    This really needs to be done Discord.

  • KenYersel

    +1 to this.

    Also/alternatively, is there any way to ask a user to confirm their post is in the correct channel before posting? (discord noob here)


    It should have some kind of "context filter" so if someone moved a message into a chat it doesn't look like the person directly typed it into the chat. For instance, if the message is "hi" then when you move the message, it says
    (The moved message)
    Exploding waffles
    (moved from #channel by ExplodingWaffles)

    And in the channel is was moved from, there should be a thin dark line that is slightly darker than the messaging color that says [moved message] and when you click on it, it shows the message in a fainter color to show it was moved, so if you're scrolling through again, you don't get confused.

  • ICEknight

    I can't believe this hasn't been added yet, should have been a day-one thing.

  • Sir Pinecone

    Another +1.

    I don't want to delete some quality discussions just because they're done in the wrong channel. This would be really useful for moderation.

  • waspette

    I'm subscribed to all new comments in this thread and have been for a year. This feature deserves a lot more attention than the ineffective streaming platform that is replicating the supersaturation of TV streaming platforms. We deserve this feature! It dispels anything that could be seen as passive aggressive, doesn't put a spotlight on someone who has made a mistake, and saves admins and moderators the time of deleting and moving messages.

    I will continue commenting and sharing this post until we are addressed with a ticket number and timeline for feature implementation.

  • dreamup

    This feature is one of the differences between paying to host a bot to kind of try to fix the issue and just getting nitro. You don't have to be original, even just copying Slack's share feature would be better than nothing.

  • Night

    I really need this on my server. So many times when I gotta tell people to please re-post something in the right category...

    It would be pretty helpful!

  • HatTrickPatrick

    Sheesh, this is such a no-brainer. Come on Discord! How difficult would this possibly be

  • Bartibus

    how can this not already be a feature? This is the first thing any mod should be able to do to keep things clean. A no-brainer in my humble oppinion

  • kaosaxis

    Any update?

  • sightseeerAFK

    After a few months, an official answer would be nice. A bot can't solve this problem...

  • Oh Snap A Cupcake

    Please add this feature.....I would pay for Nitro just to use something like this lol

  • No1cares

    Its 2020 now and still nothing done with this.

    Do they actually read these suggestions/idea's?

  • Rufkenze

    I'm posting again. Please add this feature!

  • ByrdLeeV

    Figure I would add my voice and disbelief that after over a year of this thread being up there has been no response.

  • Professor Badvibes

    How about a user side option to move your own post from one server to another too?

  • DriftTest

    A feature like that is made redundant with just the copypasta feature of your PC, @ArtificialBarracuda

  • Blushadows

    @ArtificialBarracuda - AS @DriftTest stated, a user can copy and paste their post to a different channel or even different servers entirely.

    The shortcoming we're trying to get addressed here the ability for admins to be able to move user messages between channels, when someone posts at an incorrect location like a life update with an animated gif in a channel that's reserved for raid related comments.  Currently admins have no way to do this and it's honestly a little shocking as this is a pretty common admin function on any organized forum, chat board, etc.

  • Elendrial

    Please add this feature, sure I can @ the user and ask them to move something, but that's hassle for me, for the person who messed up, and for anyone else who hasn't muted the channel.

    I get that maybe you'd worry about the timeline, like where would moved messages go? To the front of the new channel, or to the timestamp they were originally posted at? If the second then I can imagine that maybe you'd also worry about people splicing in comments midway through a conversation, shifting tone/blame/etc etc etc. But you could just have a "(moved)" flag, like the "(edited)" flag that currently exists. (and it's not as if the edit function can't already do this)

    So really, why isn't this a feature yet? Some features shouldn't be added until they're finished and fine tuned, this isn't one of them: even a half baked version would be 10x better than nothing .-.

  • russtuff

    What? This doesn't exist? How is this not a thing?

  • energythief

    Has a company rep ever commented on this idea? Very much desired feature!

  • DonkyBoY

    No brainer, should have been done from the get go!


    I NEED this in my Discord servers please.

  • Koshdukai

    The good news is that this already has 854 Votes and reached the 1st page of Discord/Feedback/Chat sorted by votes

    The bad news is that this only has 854 Votes and it's still (almost) the last one of the page :/

  • ┴∀ʞ707

    This would do wonders for organisingy rp server.

  • Dzeno

    Upvoting this as it's super useful, I would like to see this.
    This is already possible in other chat applications (telegram for sure)


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