Let mobile discord go idle instead of auto invisible/offline!


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  • [SF] Lord Traitor

    I think it's annoying too, if you leave the app running in the background then you should appear idle instead of going offline. If the app is not running in the background then yes, you should appear offline.

  • BaronVonJackal

    I contacted support about this and all they tell me is "oh go upvote it on the forum". Well that really doesn't give good customer service especially when this topic has been an issue for a while now and they've known about it. All they have to do is set a switch where you can turn the feature on or off; simple as that.

  • deeznuts

    I have to agree. My roommate gets so angry when I am not online and I know I am. Even if the app is open and the screen goes dark it puts me to being offline. I really do think that they need to fix this issue.

  • yoosa_oh

    This should have upvotes in the thousands honestly. As I can only use discord on mobile it’s incredibly annoying how they haven’t fixed this.

  • Alexis

    yeah this is annoying, I agree.

    At least, I think an option like "Keep me online" could be added to prevent energy leaks.

  • _MilanPlayz

    I also find this annoying because I can be online on my phone more often and if I am doing something else on my phone and discord in the background I go on ofline and it would be handy that that and option come that you can turn it on or off if you are doing something else on your phone that other discord users still see that you are online (it may be a bit strange what I am typing now but I am dutch and use google translate )

  • Dwarf_King_Hreidmar

    Yeah i have someone in the family that doesn't have a PC. I can never tell if their phone is off, out of battery, or if they just aren't looking at the app.


    Also, this thing has 57 votes and I never see it at the top of the list on mobile when i sort by votes

  • Sammy

    i dislike this too. I am a fairly active discord user. When Im on my mobile, I appear offline when I put my phone down for a dew minutes. Even though Im not looking at my phone, I would like other people to know that I am still online and ready to respond to any incoming messages. 

  • Losu


    same to me on Android idk if IOS is the same

  • 2iko

    Almost a year and no feedback on what seems like a fairly simple and useful feature, I have been thinking about using a different chat program on mobile because of this and it looks like I don't have any other choice, which is a shame.

    In particular, this seems to affect push notifications. Anytime I reply to someone using the mobile app when it says they are still online (but they have locked their screen or switched to another app) they don't get the push notification because Discord thinks they are still staring at the message screen. I have to wait a few minutes until they go offline before I send a reply otherwise they don't get the push notification and miss it.

  • BlueStarling

    I agree, I wish it would just put you as "Idle" when you switch to another app or lock your screen. Hopefully the Discord team will fix this soon.

  • charitwo
    This would be more ideal since you're still technically online.
  • 007ghost

    When I don't touch my phone for a bit, it goes into sleep mode, and when I leave Discord open, this results in me being offline. Even having it so mobile Discord makes you Idle when your phone enters sleep mode with the app open would be very great.

  • RenaLynne

    I need this badly.

  • vrecusko20

    yea "keep me online" option would be useful, since it's almost like going offline just for alt-tab-ing out of discord

  • avery

    I’d really like this too, when I switch apps I want to be shown as idle

  • ara

    Yeah this is quite annoying. I want to be shown as idle or even just 'online on mobile' if my discord app is open on mobile.

  • ×♡Saya♡×

    the funny thing is, if you are on a call on mobile it doesnt mark you offline. do we seriously have to be in a call to make sure the app doesnt do that? i mean, seriously. pc users get so much.

  • neoratz

    i would really like this to be an option, i've wanted it for months! please discord ;__;

  • Amark

    please add this feature! 

  • FʀᴇᴇᴅᴏᴍCᴏʀᴇ

    Is anyone from Discord paying attention to this posting?  I am having the same problem and I stay mobile most of the time as most of us do these days.  I don't want to look like I am offline just because my phone goes idle.  I am not offline and my virtual business people need to see that I am online when I am logged in even if it is an idle status. Much like what many others have mentioned, I can have the app open, lay it down for a moment and the lock screen comes on for the phone to save battery life but Discord will show me offline even though I have the app opened and still logged in.  Is anyone working on this lack of service or is there already a fix that anyone is not mentioning???

  • Kiaric

    This seems like a no-brainer to me.

  • WickerBag

    For heaven's sake do this already. I need to be able to rely on Discord to tell me when someone is messaging me.

  • Tribore

    Add this feature Noobs.....

  • CirdanElf

    This feature has been asked to be implemented for years. We still get notifications from Discord while in the background, so should not be a problem at all. I use Discord to play mobile games, and it’s pretty stupid that I can be on a Discord call in the background, using the program while playing a game in the foreground, and it shows me being offline.

  • KarrasXK

    Good news! It's December of the worse year in recent memory, 2020, and.. oh.. it's still broken. Great work devs.

  • 🌈𝑲𝒂𝒊𝒏𝒛

    Right. I wish they added this feature because it would be so helpful to many of us mobile users. It’s been requested forever and we still want it. It’s unfair that pc users are able to keep their status online and mobile can’t. Along with being able to edit servers, I wish they fixed that too. It would be great if the mods made everything available on pc available on mobile

  • Arilena

    Just wanted to add my voice and say how bad it is there is no option to stay online on the phone. It's sad to see people have been talking about it for years and nothing has changed. Really hope the devs do something about this. Being forced to appear offline just because your phone's screen isn't on is not okay.

  • ChiefBeef

    Please implement this. My friends are mobile users and its really annoying that I can't accurately tell if they're available for messages while using other apps because they appear offline.

  • Herr Friedlich

    Still same problem 😦 so annoying.


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