Discord for Business


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  • Wind

    I support the development of a discord for business/enterprise purposes because I genuinely think convincing discord to do that would be easier than convincing existing enterprise applications to add a push-to-talk feature to voice meetings that works when the application's window isn't in focus.

  • Farkas

    Discord can't really affect the way chat bots handle usernames/nicknames, that needs to be adjusted by the individual bot developer.
    Also you can disable the games tab in Discords settings!


  • lieuwe_berg


    I really dislike WhatsApp for managing your groups and keeping stuff on-topic (one group for all :3). I'd rather have my entire school switch over to Discord so we can actually have things organized and not have important stuff drain in chat.


    A professional version would really only have to remove the game aspect of Discord. Basically remove everything with 'game' in the name. The store, the game detection, settings tabs.

    I'm aware this would take a lot of precious time that could be better contributed towards other stuff though. Some counterarguments:

    - The games and store tab are hidden, until you click their button. It's really not noticable if you don't use it.

    - If you don't game; you won't really notice any of Discord's gaming aspects. wait these arguments are basically the same.

  • Knagie

    Although I can see your point it is a lot of time that would need to be put in for something that will probably not become as big as gaming.
    As EatThatPie already said Discord is made for gamers. You can integrate it at work/corporate business but it will always be aimed at gamers.

    If you want a "professional" version it might be incompatible with the gaming version, as it would need to remove your current activity (games) showing, it would need to remove the store + activity (not that big of a problem and already doable from settings, @lieuwe_berg), remove certain settings regarding gaming.

    Though it sounds like a good market I don't see why the gaming aspect is that big of a problem. You can easily get past it and use the functionality you need from Discord, correct me if I'm wrong.


  • Hans

    And that let's you chat with people outside your team/organisation/server. But I think matrix.org have a bright future. Just bridged it with my Discord server.

  • Ricker da Silva

    THe one big problem I have with both, Discord and Slack is that you need to ahve a mail address to open an account. Both apps are the future of an emailess life, but they have not went down that way.

    It is really interesting how disturbing it is for people at work to hace a fun, friendly, game interface. Don't be so sad, take advantage and also invlude some gaming at office. 


  • Lucifer™

    Really don't think its a good idea since then discord might become a business site and discord is built to have gamers come together and relate. It has roles, VCs and alot features that gaming apps and platforms such has twitter and Instagram have making it the best game communication app. If they add the business section it could lead to some problems and disagreement it's better to just convince your co-workers that discord isn't completely for gaming since there are alot of servers that are based off-topic and used for other purposes as well.

  • VikingGawd

    I love discord and its bots are easy to integrate or make.

    Here is where Discord for gaming and Bizcord skin/app (or whatever name, going to use bizcord to differentiate.  It is either a new separate app or a skin for the web/desktop app for that user.)

    - When you send a link to a user you are faced with gaming images and gaming quotes.  Sending that to an external non gamer is a strange way to start.  This is the biggest reason people want a business discord skin/app

    - direct and grouped messaging.  I think this could be built up better for both discord and bizcord.  For business I found we use DMs a lot and discord is cumbersome in this area.  Having a Server DM helps with moving around and keeping communications where they need to be.  I made a detail request here:



    The Big Question (I think just having a skin):

    Are these separate programs (different user account and app installs for desktop and mobile along with different website) or is it just a skinning so I can have my user in both server types. 

    If single app with a reskin:

    - Need to disconnect the gaming being played status update for those specific servers or allow a setting for the user per server.

    - Home screen is all about games and library.  This would not be on bizcord skin.

    - Turning off the gaming status for business servers so it is not shown.

    As separate apps

    - Notifications between gaming and business would be clear.

    - Need separate logins for each platform

    - The big problem with separate is the gray area when setting up the server.  Should it go business or gaming.  Plenty of companies that have customer facing sides will be in this gray area.

  • Jack

    Yes, discord for business would be great. The fact that you have channels to talk and don't need to click a call button you can easily hang out in your channel and ppl join if there is smth to discuss or just a small question.

    Possibility to remove game section and add apps like Dropbox or google calendar would be awesome!

    And maybe a visitor link for separate channels to give customer an overview of the project.

    I believe in you and would love to see it! Give me a message when its out:)

  • Ricker da Silva

    Just a bit more on how weird things are. I've been using slack intensively for the past three months. People use the gif extensions, bot extension just to have a bit of fun on the chat rooms.

    And you think a funny gaming logo is everything that keep your from using it? I really don't understand some of you

  • Jack

    Yeah! Had to smile about it as well R. da Silva:) First of all they would need the security of slack, I guess and parallel get rid of the game part and the app would be top!!

  • thetechguy
    we need this
  • ObLoM

    I've been using discord for work and for play, and I have to say, I love it. Would pay for a business option in a heartbeat, even if all it did is change the data ownership rights and permissions. I'd like to create or manage a business-related server, basically.

  • Vedran

    Please summarize all requests for discord for business into one. Because now votes are scattered into many "give me business" topics, and they should really be sum-ed up into one big, and very important request that might change your future.

  • キットちゃん

    The welcome messages and the games on homescreen can be disabled. Though I think it would help if there was a business client which disabled these by default.


    Even as someone who plays video games, I'm not a fan of all this 'gamer culture' nonsense.

  • cyeklone

    Discord would be great if they treat Business at least  as their second class citizen. Their apps runs smooth across all platforms. Slack has horrible UX. I didn't know I have to click our company Logo to open menu in my phone. Should have been a hamburger icon.

  • Joseph

    That sounds like a cool Idea, then discord can make some moola, and help build up their stuff.

  • Dan

    Still waiting for it, Teams is so bad dude

  • Tenno Network

    Yes, :-)
    Bizcord, please make it happen!

    It would be great and we would love to pay for it!

  • DriftRacer14

    With Zoom starting to look like a stovetop hot dog when it comes to their shady practices, sooner rather than later would be a very opportunistic time for Discord to jump on the business bandwagon.
    Like another poster said, having a second app would be irritating to some. Maybe Discord could have some sort of "Business & Home hours" setting that auto hides servers depending on the user set time and day, and perhaps even changes to a pre-set business display name, or appends a user set business friendly nickname to the end of their tag.

  • Windex

    1 Year and over 40 comments later and the answer is still to just use teams.


    Literally all the concerns with branding, app cohesion, SSO and enterprise app compatibility, is addressed by using an E level office account.

  • meeeesh

    looks like we may be getting our wish:



  • DreamQuest


    Not really, but it is at least a step in the right direction.
    They are just removing some of the gaming design, but it is still not a "Discord Business" version which is what we all want to see.  

  • DreamQuest

    "I don't see any issues with using Discord to communicate as a company"

    It´s strictly forbidden in their TOS and they are allowed at anytime to delete your "company server" without any given notice as they seem fit? 

    That is a huge issue for a company...

    Well at least it used to be unless they recently modified and removed "business part" from their TOS (I haven't had time to re-read it yet)

  • lieuwe_berg

    Mistrey Wolf,

    "The Discord for Business that i made is only a design , and it is not possible to make with any "theme changer" as its not just a theme yet a whole new infrastructure ."

    I'm aware. My response was to DreamQuest as they listed links to a custom Discord client (BetterDiscord). That is against the ToS.

    "as for your claims that you don't see any issues with using discord using to communicate as a company , well reasons are well explained , starting from the first response."

    This was again a response to DreamQuest as they said "Using Discord for business as it is right now is also absolutely against Discords TOS." DreamQuest, I can't anywhere in the ToS find any statement regarding usage of Discord as a company.

    "I will try to reach out to Discord Management about the design and the UI which would be a whole new product not just a new "theme"."

    I honestly doubt they will reply, but it's worth a shot. Discord seems to be generalising their service and focusing it on a wider audience instead of just 'gamers', which may kinda result in what we're trying to achieve with this feedback post. They'll probably redirect you to the feedback site or this specific thread.

    Your designs look amazing, by the way.

  • Fer Otero

    I've been using Discord with my Software team for about a month now and everyone loves it the way it is

    BUT: the only deal breaker for not being company compliant and that we can't scale it is LDAP integration, we need a way to easily admin roles & permisions: add new people and remove them when they leave the company. 

  • Khillian

    I saw someone post this in some thread.
    Some of these features would be great.


    Maybe also a self-hosted option for some businesses that have a very strict data policy.

    While reading up on this thread I just realized that the designer already posted it in this thread. Whups. :p

  • DreamPhreak

    I asked in a live stream with the devs once and, while they said the logo isn't a controller, they didn't say what else it was meant to represent.

    My gaming community used to be on IRC and tried out Slack but it was too business-oriented for us. When discord came out, it was perfect for gaming.

    Slack has the huge advantage of integrations, and just a quick 5-second look at the main integrations page already shows 2 apps that allow for voice/video like you wanted, "Cisco Webex Meetings" and "Zoom". I bet there are more if you check. You should seriously stick with Slack for a business.

    Both Discord and Slack and many others use a common framework called Electron: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electron_(software_framework)


    That makes sense. Is there a specific behavior at work where you need persistent voice channels vs calling? Or is it just the super low friction that's compelling about persistent voice channels? In other words, is the typical flow (a) hop on a voice channel at the beginning of the day and stay on throughout / spontaneously jump in and out of voice chats or (b) still scheduled calls but way easier to hop in a voice channel? Trying to understand the difference b/w a voice channel and Slack channel calls.

  • rryan

    Never said it should be a business app - just a few minor adjustments to make it open to business-interested men/women.  

    For example the app says "for gamers".  The interesting thing is, gaming communities themselves are in a way business pursuits.  I'm building a community/gaming right now which is absolutely a business pursuit.  

    So to keep the business spirit alive, it would be nice a minor appeal to business.


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