Allow Discord volume to be increased beyond what's currently possible.


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  • Adde r2

    This really isn't discord's problem, you should max out their mic to 200% and volume to 200% aswell. Then upper the master and lower the other applications. If you don't want to upper the master, then you should tell your friends to increase the sensitivity of their mic.

  • Blastoise186
    Sorry, but I really think that there is an increased risk of hearing damage with this suggestion. 200% volume is already awfully high and can badly distort sounds - any higher would probably be inaudible and cause damage to your hearing and/or devices
  • Snupps

    Why is this being downvoted? It's a pretty solid suggestion, if a specific person's mic is quiet then this feature helps solve that.

    If someone decides to blow their speakers out with this it's their own fault. Just have this setting be available in Discord's settings which would warn users of the possible consequences if they turn the setting on.

  • Inspi

    I'm talking with a lot of people on a daily basis and I didn't met one that was too quiet at 200%, are you sure the people you're talking with have correctly set up their mic? Whatever their OS is there is an option to turn up your mic volume, and you have the same control on discord, if everything is at 100% you should be able to clearly hear the person even if he's whispering.

  • Blastoise186
    Translation is Title: "Increase the volume of other users" Description: "I hope the upper limit can be adjusted by more than 200%."
  • Devajufan

    I was just about to make a similar post and so I found this.

    So I have a few ideas for how it could look. Here's an image of the master volume slider:

    As this replace the connection info button,

    I thought this info could be accessible on the

    other side by clicking (where you now get the

    ping by hovering) :

  • Devajufan

    You mean like this? ;)

  • Drew

    supposing you’re on windows... make sure ur discord is open and then right click the volume button in the bottom right corner of ur screen. Then click on “open volume mixer” and u should see options to adjust your volume for discord

  • Platinum

    Idk what people are on about, saying "Oh it'll damage your ears" or "It's plenty loud"

    I've met about 3 people on discord who are stupidly quiet, even turning them to 200% and upping my master volume to 100 is barely enough to hear them sometimes. Yes, the problem is due to them having shitty mics, but instead of making every single person with this problem get a new mic, having more that 200% volume increase would solve the problem for everyone. Yes, too loud can be bad for you.... so dont turn up the loud people .-. Easy as that.

  • Caldor

    I have this problem with literally everyone. Where are these loud people who are able to actually become loud? My standard settings for Discord is to have all volumes maxed, then my headset needs to be maxed and no matter the game, its volume has to be turned down to something like 5% or lower. Usually lower. And then I still have to also boost each individual mic... all of this combined and its pretty good... that is a pretty bad standard setting it seems to me. I have not come across anyone that did not find Discord to be extremely low. Obviously setting Discord to 200% on its own ought to be a pretty extreme measure.

    Isnt this pretty much the main thing Discord does? Voice chat... being such a major part of the service, how can it be this bad?

    And yeah, I am also wondering how having the volume at 200% would damage anyones ears? If that is a thing then you must have missed some of these settings... but settings that should not have had to be changed in the first place...

  • Yeanahyea

    I agree we need options to boost the audio more for quiet users! My game audio is like 5% on all my games. This needs to change and to the people winging about it being too loud, who's forcing you to crank it up? If your audio levels are fine then leave it be, What we want is an option to boost audio more, not a permanent boost to the audio. You people are amazingly stupid.

  • huib↺

    need this

  • Skor49

    well i have a slightly different problem, living in a small apmt, with others, I wish discord had a mode like military comms for a "whisper mode" where i can speak at a low volume and it will amplify my voice to sound normal. if anyone knows of a way me and my gaming clan whould be thankful!

  • Horsifier

    I also need this! When I'm gaming and people talk I can't understand them, even if I max out their volume and output volume, I always have to lower the game volume a lot. It's annoying because when I stop talking on discord I have to set the games' volume up again and vice-versa.

    I don't see why this shouldn't be implemented. If some people think it's too loud they can just leave the slider where they like!

  • le koss de katt

    I have the same problem. I'm being forced to use the browser version of discord, because there the volume is high enough, but that's annoying because the browser version lacks other features (like right click, go live etc.). (If I would use the app i would have to increase the master volume on my pc and headphones to a ridiculous volume, and would for instance have to take the volume on YT videos to 5%, and volume of games like Terraria to 3-5%.) PLEASE FIX DISCORD ;(


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