Cross Channel Voice Communication


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  • Ikki Phoenix

    Absolutely agree

  • Symbol

    Agreed this is why me and my team use Teamspeak instead of Discord for voice communication, the whisper function is just vital. 

  • Rostic

    Yes, this feature is realy needed for multiple groups of players communication. In games like ARMA, PostScriptum, IL-2 Sturmovik series and many others where often more than 20 players need to be organaised in smaller groups whit leaders that communicate with each other.

  • Procver

    This request has been done for years now. I've been waiting for the time to get rid of TS once and for all and this never happens. I wonder what's going on with Discord, I know they are aware of this, but who knows if it is possible for their developers to make this upgrade.

  • Bowlingguy

    I agree with everyone else.  I would love to use discord for our races, but no way till they add whisper would our club want to switch.  just yesterday someone brought up we should switch and that was the first question did they add it yet.  so this is one thing I cant believe you have not added yet that would take you to the TS3 level. till then your not the choice of many leage that need or want it for voice chat

  • callidus

    So this would be like the "Whisper" feature in TS, correct?


  • lucasgrathouse

    Yes! Please add this feature! There's nothing worse in the world than 25 players in one discord channel all talking

  • slof

    This feature would be great

  • mikelle011

    @calidus, correct.

    Or something like that but the base princip is the same.

    Like you assign button for mute or push to talk same way you assign button to a certain person or channel and communicate without him/them being present in your channel

  • callidus

    Right... like in TeamSpeak... you have a "regular voice button" and a "shout/whisper button" that will go to permission-based channels based on roles for access. (i.e. Only XYZ role can shout to Channel A and B, but can't be heard in Channel C)

    It would all come down to assigning a certain channel's access to certain roles, etc.

  • ZeroOne


    Whisper is the only real thing discord needs to completely outstand TS3

    We need the ability to talk with at least 1 person in another channel for better communication during our games.

  • Stone

    Or like phantoms in Ventrilo


  • Procver

    I've been in one racing league and 2 squadrons. They've all started with TS, moved to Discord and one of the squadrons that I'm in is the last one of those moving back to TS. 
    I don't like very much the idea, but otherwise sometimes during big groups gameplay there's chaos in the channel. That leaves us no coice but to go back to TS.

  • Biglulu

    This is an essential feature. People still use Mumble and Teamspeak because Discord cannot organize large groups or squads well. If Discord wants to be taken seriously by hardcore players then this must be added.

  • Nemanja

    @callidus or you can take it to next level. At the moment Squad (Game) Voip is best in industry, even gameplay is bound by it. For example if you join up a squad that does not comunicate it's not the same game expiriance as devs intended. 

    They use 3 options, Squad Leader Radio (Only active SL can hear you talking) In Squad Radio(Squad only Comunication) and best of all, Proximity radio (Only players close to you can hear you) 

    As far as i know, Team Speak has been able to emulate this with 3rd party add-ins, while Mumble if i remamber correctly all ready has it.  


  • socceroos

    All you need to do is allow users to join multiple voice channels. That way, you let the users decide how to structure their communication. For example, leaders are in an additional voice channel so that they can communicate amongst themselves.

  • callidus


    Sure, that's all well and good and easy to allow... but how do you yell from one channel to another without alt-tabbing out, switching channel to say something, and then switching back, and then alt-tabbing back in?

    Why not just have one keybind for "the channel you're in" and another keybind for "all the channels you are authorized to yell to"?

    It seems super simple.

  • callidus

    *(this would only work with Push-to-Talk voice channels, obviously)*


  • socceroos


    I'll clarify for you further: allow users to join multiple voice channels simultaneously. Yes, you'd want to allow keybinds for each simultaneous channel.

    I think the problem from Discord's point-of-view is that there's no easy way to do this in a bandwidth-friendly manner.

  • Nemanja

    Hey people, some one else started all most exact topic. Dev team is present. 

    Upvote and comment! 

    Heres the link to disscusion:

  • Zoldaar

    My Star Citizen Org still uses Mumble and will not switch to Discord, until this very important "whisper" or "multiple channels" function is added to Discord.

  • Stuttero
    I don't exactly see why creating a DM is a problem, to be honest
  • Dol

    Please!!! This will end with TS3!!!

  • Dol

    DISCORD PLEASE!!! This will end with TS3!!! 

  • Zacatero
    This feels like something that would exclusively to troll people
  • MrIbra

    Nice suggestion! This would be very practical for larger events involving many groups/teams/channels. It would simplify communicating important information without having to jump in and out of every channel.

  • Cor5aire | Daymar Rally

    There would be no trolling if it was the server admin who issued the role to the right people

  • fabiomiguez

    This is the main reason why we don't use Discord for all events with my organization. We have multiple battle teams, and they're segregated into multiple squads with their voice channels, but we have no way to talk between channels for the squad leaders.

    Teamspeak does this very well, so we're forced to look at that instead of sticking with Discord. We wanna use Discord for it.

  • [IHOPE] BruceButthammer

    Sounds legit.

  • GvR

    This would realy help


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