Temporary Voice/Text Channel


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  • KlasiK

    This needs more upvotes, still can't understand why this isn't a thing in discord. Discord is supposed to be for gamers, this is a standard feature in any teamspeak server. 

  • redlegamin

    We can do already do this with a bot but it would be cool if this is added to a vanilla channel, it will be more easy to setup for everyone

  • chloroform chloe

    I don't see much usefulness to this besides for very specific groups of people or events that do not take around Discord itself. Bots seem more optimized to do this.

  • Fig

    @redlegamin , what bot are you using?

  • redlegamin

    @Fig I'm using my own bot... Not sure if there is already a bot for this. If not, I will try to release one cuz a lot of people want this.

  • MusicSounds

    Pls do

  • Camp Freddy

    I'm not sure I see the value of a temporary text channel, but my own Discord server could definitely benefit from this feature for voice. Maybe this could be two different permissions?

    I run a gaming Discord and while we have permanent voice channels for the more popular games, letting users create their own channels for a specific session/game would be brilliant.

    I'm pretty sure I suggested this myself months ago, but I can't find any trace of it.

  • dracoMedia

    Please push this!
    I used TeamSpeak before and it was great to have. Really miss that feature

  • Sam

    Search voicemaster if you want a temp voicechannel bot, it does the job.

  • KlasiK

    I have the voicemaster bot. The point still stands this should be something that is included in Discord instead of relying on outside development. The problem with all bots is they are sometimes down and no longer function whereas TeamSpeak it is built into the server software so it never stops working unless the whole server is down and in those cases you have a bigger issue than just a functionality issue.

  • Kieran

    Yes please add this discord, I think this post has enough up votes now to get the point across.
    We need this feature, it allows for not specific topics that can be latter removed either by admins/creator or have server have a set time for it to stay up for that member group. It would be nice to have control over what groups and for how long too.


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