Amoled Dark Mode option


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  • ielexusman

    It would also be nice for a proper dark mode to come to all iOS devices, like that seen on apps like Instagram, I have an iPhone 11 and I think the app would really benefit from a proper dark mode appearance rather than just a grey as it is more visually appealing for most users and has the added benefits for people using OLED devices.

  • nemu_no_mune

    Hello, I would like to see this for iOS as well. Please implement this as it seems every other app I can imagine has done this as well.

  • ialexusman

    As many phones are adapting the standard has having an AMOLED screen or an OLED screen, having an AMOLED black setting would be greatly appreciated since all users would be able to save their battery life.  Developers, please implement this in your next update.

  • KittenNumber2

    commenting for awareness

  • Smexhy

    I would love to see this finally


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