Amoled Dark Mode option


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  • Shaggyskunk

    Be on Discord version 9.8.5 Click on Dark Mode 7 or 10 times and AMOLED will be there 😉

  • Shaggyskunk

    Seriously - Why not just use Substratum to Theme it AMOLED Black?

  • MikuxLuka401

    Please stop commenting for awareness. The amoled dark mode exists now. We're done here boys.

  • Shaggyskunk

    AMOLED black option is already there, in fact it's been available for quite some time.

  • living

    Please stop commenting for awareness. It sends an email to everyone who is watching, and want's real updates, and it also does absolutely nothing, that is what the upvote button is for. I can't stress it enough, please stop commenting for awareness, it just emails people that somebody commented for awareness.


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