Link a voice channel with a text chat


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  • KennKun

    Really hoping discord notices this one.

    Ideally, you would only be able to send messages in that channel if you were in the linked voice channel. Also, all messages posted in that channel should be text-to-speech unless disabled, as mentioned by Young Pipistrella; not everyone has a dual monitor setup or is able to ALT+Tab every time you type a message.

  • *Figzyy

    This would be sooo nice!

  • TG Biggy (PR)

    Yes, please add this optional feature

  • TG_ToBad (DO)

    Yes this would be amazing!

  • TG SmokeyB (AT/NTM)

    It would be great to have a channel like that. 
    To have that feature would make life easier some times.

  • Pip

    It would also be great if the messages in that channel would be automatically TTS'd to people in the voice channel

  • mikkolikoli

    This would make running big discord servers with many voice and text messages so much easier. Please make it happen

  • MayaArcana

    Would love to have a channel like that! We have so many channels and sometimes people don't know where to put stuff while discussing them over voice.

  • Lextacy03 ( GRWL-XB1-XO)

    Sounds good to me 

  • TG SirMadness (PRH)

    This would be a great addition to Discord Servers!!  please consider adding! 

  • TG ImYoDaddy

    Yes!  This would be very helpful. 

  • TGxP1nkM1st

    This is an amazing idea!!!!

  • Miss Vendetta

    Discord, this would be a really beneficial idea for everyone...especially those with larger communities that want to cut down on the amount of channels. Please add it! :)

  • dmitry

    Yes, please! We have a server with 3 voice channels and about a dozen of text. It's super heavy already, and we can't afford add 3 more text-to-voice channels.

  • TG_NukaCola



  • SullivanWorkshops

    Yes please this would simplify a lot

  • TG Darth Voider

    There are times when this would be very useful

  • Anonymous Mew

    Would be fabulous optional feature. Would make things easier to communicate between squads.

  • Fumler

    This is a big blocker for us moving from teamspeak/mumble to discord. Every voice channel should also be a chat channel that does not clutter the list of chat channels, and that you can only see and read if you are in the voice channel. Would prefer if history was not kept outside of the voice session as well.

  • ƛʑʋɍɛ ϯᾰɨ

    Agreed, each voice channel should also double up as a text channel as well, as having to join one voice channel and then open a separate text channel can get frustrating.

    TteamSpeak and mumble both support dual channel modes (vocal and textual) it's about time discord does as well!


    Keep the option to have a separate text channel, as these are very handy for announcement type channels


  • Homie Box
    Great suggestion!
  • Frosty
    That's awesome suggestion! I like this so much! That should be added.
  • googlygoog

    I would love this too! I think it should be like, everyone (including administrators) should be able to read only those messages which were sent when they were in the voice channel.

  • Reactive

    I support the topic! +

  • Fidanzo

    I support this topic. This is the only thing stopping me from going from TeamSpeak to Discord.

  • Zabon95

    yes please

  • ZedX

    Surprised this isn't a feature already, and when I had an admin make a private channel on my server, I sorta expected there to be text by default. Please add this, it would be fantastic.

  • Paisola

    4 meses e até agora nada? então do que adianta os nossos comentários?

  • Pint

    Yes, a bot could do this, but the problem with a bot is that you can't access any of the things discord provides, such as viewing a user's profile or dm-ing them.

  • KingLoadMaster

    I concur


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