Increase the Max Number of Roles per Server


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  • StarkGamingMad


  • Doggo

    Our server has very individual system of developing on the server. We have ranks (8), statuses (9), mod roles (2), bots (about 10), colors and special roles to get these colors (about 20 colors and 20 roles), loot chest (17) and a lot of other stuff.

    If we had more than 250 roles it could make us to create a lot of other interesting things

  • MattTee

    PLEASE can we either get an increased role limit, or better yet, the ability the combo roles when it comes to channel permissions.  The only reason we even have a gazillion roles is because we need to create a unique role for each permutation of access, which is incredibly inefficient and quickly bloats the number of roles needed by a huge amount.

  • q333

    So why not limit the rate of how fast rules can be created?
    50 per week
    100 per week level 1
    250 per week level 2
    500 per week level 3
    100 per month
    250 per month level 1
    500 per month level 2
    1000 per month level 3

    With maybe some loopholes

    Like maybe new servers could like the above language and politics servers that they could ask to add whatever number of roles and then they would have a week to add them

  • DarkHeraldMage

    I've come around on this idea a lot since the thread first started two years ago, and I think that increased roles is not only needed, but so is an organizational backbone to support it. Something missing in Discord now is a more detailed role management screen, something that might allow grouped roles.

    How many servers nowadays have different types of roles for everything from geographic location, pronouns, age, and so forth? I'd say most. But once you start adding them it becomes so tricky to keep them organized,and then scrolling up and down the role page in your server settings becomes a nightmare.

    It'd be so helpful to have your roles grouped by a descriptor you assign them, forcing all permissions in that role to be the same (similar to chatting permissions in categories and the channels beneath them). Taking this a step further, having roles that don't grant or deny permissions, but are solely used as identifiers, would be great.

    I hope the max number increases, whether as a Nitro Boost tier perk or not, but that we also get some attention on how they're added and configured too.

  • borbonco

    god bless this forum, really nice to read when very bored


  • Dev

    We do not have enough roles for Pokémon Go. We filtered so many out and need more than max capacity.

  • Otis the Cow

    Lol please do this\


  • _dean_

    Yes, I agree 100%. It'd be awesome to have more than 250 roles.

  • eepkry

    I agree. I currently am on servers where this issue occurred more than once; mainly because of the structure of the server, that expects to have more than 250 roles.
    It would be perfect if this value can be at least doubled, even if that means having to boost said servers.

  • Dev

    I'm really surprised that in 2 years no one has made an argument about bad data design.

    The way I see it, there are two main ways that roles are being used in servers I'm on. #1 is the original intent, I imagine: to provide a sophisticated way to configure permissions for your users.

    But I see #2 used as much if not more often: to label users. Often, roles are added simply to change colors, provide information, or identify users in a group, but these are all cosmetic uses, not functional ones. I can see why Discord devs don't particularly care if admins choose to add cosmetic roles, but here we are in this thread, where 250 is not enough for many admins.

    Simply raising (or eliminating) the cap would be an acceptable solution, so I'll upvote. However, I can see why this might be a technical limitation. A user with 250 cascading permissions settings might eat up a lot of server CPU and slow things down in extreme cases. A better solution would be to establish a second category of roles for ones that are purely cosmetic, and then allow us to migrate non-functional roles to that category for better organization and clear purpose. It would hopefully be more feasible to have a limit higher than 250 for just those.

  • Riley Jay [they/he]

    Sorry for necroposting but I too think a higher role limit is a very important change. I'm a mod on an LGBTQ related discord server with more than 3000 users and we have roles for different orientations and genders. This is a very important thing because having those roles allows you to show a lot of information about yourself that might be interesting in a conversation. For example I, a nonbinary trans person definitely have a different perspective on gender than a cis man or a cis woman, and seeing this information is very useful for that. Also it allows us to see who will be more comfortable being referred to as what terms, so for example if someones roles say she's a woman I know that she'll be comfortable with me calling her a woman. Or if someone has a role that says they are questioning their sexual orientation, we can see that and could help them, and I, an asexual person, would probably also be able to offer different advice than for example a lesbian or a straight guy.

    We don't want to be excluding anyone though and the too low role limit forces us to consider wether an identity is "important enough" to be added as a role which really is not a nice position to be in since we'd be essentially telling them that their identity is less relevant than that of others. We have a lot of microlabels since the main topic of the server is the asexual/aromantic spectrum and there are A LOT of tiny less known labels related to that which all convey an important piece of information about someones identity, so this leads to us having A LOT of roles that we all have an important reason to have

    If more role slots was a nitro boost reward then I and probably many others would want to buy them. It would of course be even better if that was just a thing all servers could have but that's maybe just to make discord see how an implementation of this might even end up making them more money lol

  • PeacefulPotato

    I haven't gotten to this problem yet, but the idea of cosmetic roles seems to make sense to me. I would also recommend increasing the limit, since about half of the roles are used to grant access to a specific channel or are automatically added when you add a bot to the server. One other way would be to add the option to not have a bot role added to the channel, which does the opposite in terms of memory. Adding it as a boost perk would help as well as it would limit the amount of servers that utilize the extra roles and encourage more people to get nitro as well.

  • riczio2

    I agree, multigaming server need a lot of roles with multiplayer games name...
    If you combain with some economy, social stuff, nickname colors etc etc u easy reach max of roles. I got max today... now i have problem and think what i can do and what elements of the server i have to remove...
    Increas max role limit to 500, if someone dont need it so they didnt use that many, but if someone need it then he can use... i really dont understand answers like you dont need to name any thing on your server on the roles like  love cake, lick cake etc... stupid answer, if soemoen dont need that many roles, fine, but use more ur brain to write any smarter answer...

  • Vamp

    I am in an rp dragon ball server, and we use are roles as our form.I think it should be increased on a case by case basis, if your reason for more roles is good enough, they should increase the role capacity up to what you need. But you also need to explain why you need that many. I think that would be acceptable.

  • Lukas140990

    I'm currently working on a international server where we would like to be able to have a role for every nation, one for every spoken language, and a few other roles for the server... the top 2 are the only reasons we'd cap out over 250 valid reasons but we'd also be willing to pay for the possibility to do that. But not one person would have that many roles at Once. Not may people speak more then 3 languages and you can only live in one place plus the other roles created on the server wouldn't add up to much more then tops 20 at the very very most. I don't even think anyone would even have that many at once.

  • Séb

    (I put this on another, smaller thread so sorry in advance for duplication)

    I am a developer who makes a Discord bot which is widely used in the university debating circuit, debating struggled a bit in the move online but Discord has really helped as a platform for co-ordinating and organising tournaments. An especially useful feature of my bot organisers like, are the automatically created roles for teams and institutions, which allows them to easily tag an entire team or everyone from an institution when looking for certain people or trying to communicate about a problem. Unfortunately, some comps are quite large and have a combined team + institution count larger than this cap, meaning they can't use this feature. It would be super helpful for this use case if the limit was upped to 500, as no tournaments really exceed this number.

  • LasTimelord

    Manage a religious server, hit the limit of 250 roles, now although there are 1000's of religions we do try and stick to the main ones. 

    In an ever growing server, which requires other roles for additional things, the limit of 250 is clearly not enough.

    The limit on channels is 500 as well, so personally I feel the limit on roles should be increased to 500, however some servers may require more but that would be up to them to explain why they would require more.

    Not everyone chooses every role in the server either, max some will have is likely 20, minimum will be 1-5. 

    Even if they added this option to Nitro, it would be a great help, if they did 150 roles per level of the server, it would be something and increase the amount of roles in every server to 300. 

    Either way, I support this requiring a increase.

  • elvenilla

    I get that it might take more computing or something else behind the scenes we don’t see, but if so then maybe it can be a Nitro boosts benefit. Roles are just so important, such as in an Enby server I’m in that has to limit the identification roles it gives out despite being entirely dedicated to helping people feel comfortable. You can maybe give five to ten extra roles per boost tier to start testing it out and then tweak it and find ways to add more roles or to adjust the number of boosts needed to get to a tier if you need a bit more for the roles. You can even have server staff mark which roles should get deleted/frozen in what order if they lose boosts. That last part isn’t ideal and I’d hate to see them lose the work that goes into making those roles but I mean if you really need a way to manage that that’s any idea. Any type of limited increase would make way for progress though:

  • bigboss

    #bump this, Discord needs to see this post.

  • Skylark

    It's kinda dumb that just because some people will misuse having more roles servers with legitimate uses shouldn't have access to more roles. Those who mess around with more roles already are with 250 roles, making it 2000 wouldn't really change anything for them while legitimate servers no longer feel restricted.

    I'm currently working on a bot for a popular programming server and we want to have a very granular language selection which is doubled with people who are available to be pinged for help and those who just want to see the categories. The 250 role limit means that roles need to be grouped together, languages/libraries that don't mind being grouped together first like SQL and NoSQL but then to if we need to combine React, Vue, and Angular - we're pushed enough for space that they might need to be even though they're very different. Being able to mark uses as those who use the language professionally is off the table.
    We also need roles for other server functions such as being able to show activity and helpfulness, pronouns (which could just be a Discord feature tbh), events, badges, reputation (for up to 999 reputation 30 roles are needed)

    Discord has grown a lot since all of the limits were put in place and they need to be reviewed and increased, they should probably not be infinite but setting the limit high enough that no reasonable use would hit it.

  • ••

    I wish that they'd increase the limit with nitro boosts. 

  • SEoF

    For all those wondering - 250 isn't that peculiar a number. It's just shy of 8 bits, allowing some additional hidden roles like "banned" and so on.

    Unfortunately, this means that to increase, database column definitions need updating, and the data in those re-mapping. That's never as easy a task for something as huge as Discord.

    If it does increase, the next step will be arbitrary, as the next non-arbitrary step is more than 65k.

    Realistically, more than 90% of the use-cases can be resolved by adding "labels" for non-permission driven roles that are attached purely as a means of easy labelling.

    The Discord servers I'm a part of often use roles to mark which of the thousands of alliances a player belongs to - needless to say, the servers can't cope with the thousands of options.

  • KeRin

    !d bump

    has discord ever addressed this community wish? 250 roles are reached to easily :S

  • pika likez art

    I need a lot of roles my server is Harry Potter themes and I plan for it to have all the possible Patronus you can get as roles... there's over 100

  • GTAupdateleak™

    Yes, I would love a role increase, Even if its for nitro boosted servers only!

  • SnickoTesting

    I also think the limit should be raised, even if with nitro boosting.

    I have a Minecraft community server where players can creates towns. I have recently added the option to integrate your in-game town chat into our Discord (creating a town in our Minecraft server will create a Discord role based on their town name, and a corresponding channel that the role has permission to). Knowing that there is a 250 role limit, I'm limited to only allowing donators and active towns to qualify for a discord channel. Would be nice to allow more players to use this.

  • Eyal282

    As a FiveM server owner I am close to losing it because we need roles that define your job within the roleplay and your grade within that job.

  • İ need more roles for my server and the limit should be removed 250 is not enough.

  • Ant-Acid

    I run a college football and now basketball server. There are over 250 d1 teams and we give out custom roles/logos for our boosters. Discord will literally be losing itself money by not paying this need any attention.


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