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  • O.O. Gold the Dank Meme Lord
    It's not possible the way Discord is structured. The only way to clear an unread notification is with an ACK (short for ACKnowledgement), which is a way of saying "I read this". If we were to ack when someone you blocked sends a messages, this does a bunch of bad stuff. The most important ones are: it hammers our service with requests and causes performance issues and the other is you can't ack specific messages. It's all or nothing. So if your best friend in the world goes "Hey, I have some free steam keys for the best game of all times, who wants one?" and the guy you blocked goes "I do!", you never see the notification and miss out on your free game. -Dabbit Prime
  • memes

    Does that rule out having it as an option though? 


    So long as users are notified that the true block feature would stop all notifications, that would be a reasonable pay off.

    On the servers I have been active in, everyone keeps all notifications turned off anyhow.

    Failing a true block, it would be fantastic if the block notification could be made considerably more unobtrusive visually, and if the message underneath it could not be unhidden. 

  • avatarprotocol

    By this, I assume it means proper blocking - we don't want to see 1 BLOCKED MESSAGE every second line anymore

  • ZX ////

    Translated from "PT" to "EN":

    when I block a person, the messages "appear" on discord servers [meaning that you still know that the person typed something]
    Could you please change this so that the message is deleted, and we cannot see the message?

    Translated using Google Translate and ZXgrammar [making actual sense out of g-translate] :D

  • Stray

    Yeah, this would be nice. Blocked em for a reason after all lol.

  • Chatwiththisname

    I agree 200% with this.

    If I block a user, I shouldn't repeatedly get spammed with "1 blocked message"

    I know they're blocked....I don't care that you blocked it. It's expecting an atta-boy or something for doing what it's supposed to do, so it keeps telling me it's doing it's job. Don't tell me, just do it.


    So yes, please make blocking actually block everything about that discord user.

  • GrifGrif
    i think we need to allow users to select if they want full messages in server, or hiding by clicking or totally desseapear
  • kangseul

    I agree with this! I think an easy compromise for discord would be to put it in Settings as a toggle button -> "Ability to see Blocked messages ON/OFF"

  • Goat

    Please search for blocked messages.  There is already one with 157 votes.  It'd be nice for everyone that upvoted this to upvote that one.

  • DoomSkuller

    At least make this a personal setting.

  • quire

    Oh I'd love this.  I find the "blocked message" notification really interferes with the flow of chat - like a little pointed reminder of the person's existence every time.  If we could just magically disappear them forever that would be incredible. 


  • jyn

    in addition you shouldnt be able to see them typing aka the "x is typing..." if you switch this off

  • Monkeynutz

    Not to mention, sometimes you block people to get away from them because of fallouts/breakups irl etc. 
    I don't wanna see "Blocked message" appear. I just don't wanna know they exist anymore tbh.

  • Hayalperest (Raog)
    yes its a good idea everyone want this
  • Val
    That's where ignorance comes in play.
  • YM2612

    tldr there has been no legitimate way to remove blocked message banner for the past 4 years


    Agree, but to an extent. I agree with everything except for "They shouldn't be able to see your posts". It's a more obvious sign to say you've blocked someone, which usually does not come back well when they tell others about it. It's like blocking on Twitter.

    I don't get how the block feature atm allows for more harassment. They won't know if you've block them unless they direct message you. Even then, there could be a lot of reasons (closed dms, non-mutual server, etc) for that.

  • 🌟DakkonBlakBlade 🌟

    The block feature now just puts a curtain over the block-ees comment which you can just tap on and poof! You can see the comment.. which is terrible... I went through a situation where I actually had to block someone and I found out it did that, I actually had to leave the server because the harassment wouldn’t stop, and created my own server with that person banned.... so yeah I totally agree with the OPs post. It’s a safety issue, especially with how society has gone with people not having much of an actually social life. Spending all their time online.

  • Wolf

    As per the comment about disagreeing with seeing your posts. I disagree. They know with the mere attempt to react to your post. If they can’t see your comments at all (which means no placeholder on their end, you simply don’t exist to them) it can lead to much less drama. Sure they can still see when people @ you but as it stands they can still argue and attack you and mention you since they can see you. The point of a block is so that way a person can’t interact. But the way it stands it basically punishes the victim and merely covers their eyes instead of actually doing anything worthy of the word “block”.

    A block should actually prevent a person from interacting with you at all. Which means seeing your posts. Certain bullies have in the past used my words against me because even though they were blocked they could see my comments and twist them to their liking. That shouldn’t be possible.

  • EpicPix

    you can just mute the user...

  • charitwo
    Yes, blocked is blocked. You shouldn't have the option to see something is being actively blocked let alone having the ability to show/hide them. Defeats the purpose.
  • Jayden Randhawa
    agreed it is equally annoying to see that
  • joseph

    I found this really cool, never before found fix for this problem - don't block people.


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