Add button push to talk outside discord app for mobile version


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  • What's Da Skinny

    Yes plz add asap

  • Flexity

    Hey devs yoohooo we need this!

  • Devajufan

    Would be nice to be able to bind one of the hardware buttons to the PTT feature.

  • sander80ta

    still need it, cmon devs

  • Curtlisaurus

    Please add this

  • fMagrão

    1y after and nothing...?! The best solution is Vol-Up-to-Talk.
    My phone really needs it because its mic is near to speaker and forces me to use earphones.
    Hope push-to-talk Android comes true!

  • Yeah, I want the overlay PTT.

    I was playing Among Us and I keep on getting kicked due to app suspension.

  • Henri

    I have a Dedicated PTT key on my phone DooGee S60 works perfect just not for discord.  

    discord what do we need so you wil fix this?

  • Tequilana

    Being able to use a keyboard (tablet with Bluetooth keyboard) would be a great option as well.

  • Don Cristian

    Dejé una review de una estrella en la App Store de Apple, y me mandasteis aquí a votar por esta opción. Pero de verdad os cuesta tanto habilitar la opción de que no tengamos que estar dentro Discord para “pulsar y hablar”, y hacerlo desde un botón cualquiera, como en un teclado bluetooh? Es que es de puta coña.

  • Erdien

    adding this on overlay mode would be a great idea

  • How is this still not implemented? Adding a Push To Talk button on the overlay should be obvious?

  • DancinDirk

    Could this be done with an apple watch extension or app?

  • w.hamilton

    Bluetooth button for PTT would be great

  • Ivan -Siroup-

    @de_1337 do you use discord for playing game or travelling?
    Do you play game while your phone on pocket? Hmmmmm weird


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