Screenshare on mobile!



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  • Maverik

    definitely needed

  • lavendersky11

    Please, make Screenshare over the mobile app possible! +1


  • Alakki

    Me and a friend were in a scenario where we really wanted this very much, Please do implement this in ASAP :)

  • criptixo

    having this added, would be absolutely amazing.

  • judge

    This could easily work even on iOS since IOS allows screen recording and screen broadcasting, you can currently share your iOS screen or android screen with other devices with teamviewer/teamviewer quick support.

  • BeeTeeKay

    This is a great idea! This would be great, although it could have some difficulties, but this idea is very good. I think the developers would find their way around these “limitations” people speak of in this discussion. They even hinted at mobile screen share in an update!

  • Deleted User 48518692

    It's still worth trying. I would really like to see that, even if I couldn't use it

  • Blue_EyedDraco

    A bunch of my friends and I have been talking about this for a awhile and I've been talking about it the most. I was wondering if you guys can have the mobile version of discord have a program to enable a screen share like having it on the PC. I was wondering if you guys can make a program like that, and that would be very appreciated.

  • jonoh

    I would also liek this feature, as  I am using a pixelbook. This means in some situations, sadly, I am operating in the worst of both worlds using chrome os.  so one of 2 things needs to happen make a chrome oriented version that allows screen sharing  or make the android one able to do it.

  • 1PastorRicc

    I agree this is important


  • long boi

    Plenty of people still have Android 6 because of how slowly some manufacturers push out updates for their software (if at all)

  • toby

    Not sure if Apple would allow that but I’d be all for it

  • am goose

    It seems like a obvious thing to put in.

  • Karumi/Jowi

    This needs more votes, Mobile screenshare/video calls, it's way more convenient than making a group DM to video call and screen share. 

  • Hermit Kei is hermitting

    Still hoping this gets a response. 

    Its definitely feasible now with iOS and many programs supporting it. 

  • shadowkiller

    Ok. Guys. If you all help me I will make a app for this

  • zazz

    This is actually currently popular on Skype! Come on Discord, I remember when I first came here from Skype and Discord had all the same features as Skype and even more, it's time to keep the crown! Skype is adding new features to, and if Skype mobile can screenshare so can you guys!

  • XXXTentacles300🖤

    I feel left out On Movie night ever since Rabbit got shot down so I'd greatly Appreciate this feature

  • Lukas

    Please implement this. We're now partially migrating to Zoom because Discord doesn't have this feature, but we'd much prefer not having to use multiple apps. Almost every other video chat app supports this (Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet, Skype, Facebook Messenger, to name a few), just Discord doesn't for some reason. There's been a ton of work on video features recently (e.g. server video and the new multi-streaming stuff), so why is this basic feature still missing? :/

  • MeLlamanHokage
    say goodnight FaceTime 😈
  • audreybitesu

    I wish we could view a screen broadcast on mobile in a server.

  • zazz


  • lupusintus

    I have this feature!? Today I went to join a VC and noticed a new icon. When u clicked it, it came up saying I can now screenshare on my mobile devices. I’ve asked so many servers and no one else has it? I’m aware it’s a beta option but I have no idea how I got it. There’s no updates anywhere. It works amazingly as I tested it with my friends and they could see me iPads screen.

    (enjoy my nickname in my server)

  • JustinRoKStar

    I really hope they would do that sometime soon. 

  • Phrootloop

    My guildies and I love to do watch parties together for holidays, but being PS4 gamers means about 80% of my members are on Discord mobile. Incorporating screen share on mobile devices would make Discord that much more useful for console players who depend on Discord for social space.

  • antennas

    As a student I can only afford to be on mobile. This feature would be very useful since I use an iPad to take notes. With screen sharing I can collaborate with my classmates and do homework.

  • TheBest124579

    Discord... I know that Google Hangout Meet has iOS Screensharing feature. So why can't you just add that feature? I think it's possible for iOS and Android both

  • bobaboba

    why is this not added yet it's been wanted for 2 years 

  • MrCoderwhite

    Still hoping for this and wanting this feature added.

  • Setsunaise

    I’m hoping this gets an answer sooner or later. We have video camera so I don’t see why not we shouldn’t screen share as a new update. This has probably been ongoing for 2 years now and yet no response yet given.


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