Send pictures in the order you select them! Or a specific given order.


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  • meg and christine are in love

    same, i tried to send a "then vs now" type message to a server w a picture from 3 yrs ago and a picture from today and it sent the newest picture first no matter what order i selected them in

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  • NottaClone

    I've even tried renaming the images, thinking that maybe it list them alphabetically... NOPE!
    Thought maybe it ordered them by file size... NOPE!
    I've searched Google multiple times to find an answer to this question, but have found nothing. I tweeted the question to @discordapp on twitter, but I'm not gonna hold my breath waiting for an answer. If I do find out anything I will be sure to relay the information everywhere I can though! 😏

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  • Storme the Cat

    It's very frustrating when you have to upload panels of a comic individually. It just feels dumb this way.

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  • Edricus

    It's so much a must have I don't even know why it doesn't work like this. I mean when, coding this, you choosed to upload randomly ??

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  • Kertys

    Sounding off for visibility! The Twitter app let's you choose images in order and it numbers them as you select them. Discord should do the same!

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