Clearing Direct Message Option


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  • Matthew


  • rachaelintx

    yes please.  If this is like text messages, then each stream with one person needs a clean function. Just think of all the storage you all would save Discord!

  • Ben!
    or when you close a dm it could clear it
  • Doggo

    I mean then again if you were able to do this then some people would start to frame others in dm's like asking for an invite then deleting their previous parts of the convo to get them banned from a server

  • Fenryr

    Well, you can already delete messages but not in a bulk, just one by one.

    so what you're saying can already happen with the functions there are now. 

    However, in absolute most chat services today you have the option to remove your conversation and messages, so what we're asking isn't new, or unique even for discord, its quite basic, instead of deleting messages one by one, just to be able to archive or delete the entire conversation and\or your messages in a bulk.

  • Doggo

    Yes ik this but still if someone wants to block you they can just mass delete their messages  and stop you from having any proof of anything

  • domxx9

    Have we heard anything from discord regarding this


  • crow_feather

    I agree. There needs to be a way to delete messages or personal conversations. Please Please Please add this and make my life as a Minecraft Moderator that uses discord for our server,  easier. Thanks.


  • The_Last_Bastion

    Why is this NOT a feature yet, Discord? I don't need to see some of the things people send in a DM. Sure, "Closing" the DM hides it from me, but it still exists in my account. Make this a thing please. Delete DM history like any other instant messaging app in the history of instant messaging apps. Thanks. Still love you. K bye. o7

  • Suzy

    Yes. Please. I don't want to have to block people, especially if they are no longer annoying me. I do however need to delete entire chat histories that I really do not want to be reminded of... I'm referring to private messages and stuff. Nothing to do with removing messages from channels in server. Would be appreciated. Thank you.

  • CarcinogenZ

    Yes please add this but dont remove normal close dm please, both are needed <3

  • Re-Crix

    Doggo, it wouldn’t delete the messages for you. Only for them. That’s how that works. When you are in a 2 sided DM/PM, if one of you deletes your chat record, it only does it for the person who did it, not both sides.

  • esioul

    yes, i'd love this.


  • Doggo

    Oh yeah that makes more sense then

  • Jim B

    This is a long thread and clearly a user concern.  I have noticed that in group DMs (3 or more)  it is possible to remove a user from the group DM.  In personal 1 to 1 type DMs this feature seems to be absent. 

    Perhaps an implementation of this clean slate feature would be feasible by treating 1 to 1 DMs as a group DM (albeit just with two users).  A clean slate could be achieved by removing the partner user then leaving yourself. If this feature was available, it surely would not be a burden for the API or database activity. 

  • Ghoul

    There are more willing who whould like to clear DM but they are lazy and don't want to log in to click vote...

  • doctortrax

    This would be very useful! Especially if it could be set to be done automatically at a certain time interval, and on individual channels (as opposed to server-wide).

  • 100% agree. Let us delete our entire chat history in bulk with a simple right click on the chat and a "wipe chat replies" option. Make this a thing already please. 

  • NikkiNoodles

    I just want to delete conversations on MY end of things. I don't care if the other person keeps it. No, being able to 'close' the convo does not help, because the next time they speak to me or I go to speak to them, it's still there. I don't want to delete ONLY my messages in the conversation, what's the point in that? That also deletes it from their history, and, like I said, I really don't care if they keep the conversation or not. I'm not the only one that uses this computer and I don't need people nosing around in my private messages if I forget to sign out.

  • Queen

    Please So many of us are speaking up and begging for the option to fully delete entire chat histories...please listen to us!! Make this happen. 

  • Zealon

    Still not sure as to why this feature hasn't been implemented yet. It is such a privacy concern, and there are many instances where I want to respect the integrity of others. Having both sides resorting to using a script to slowly remove messages from both accounts is a nightmare that shouldn't even be a solution. Please, you advocate for privacy and yet you reject us something that so many other companies have given us for years.

  • itsyaboiiii

    You guys should really consider adding/implementing this. Telegram added this as well recently and it's a good feature honestly. I'd like to think that you guys are not fully compliant with the GDPR laws with your current features as of now.

    Really hope the discord team discusses and considers this, as people are still concerned with their well being and privacy despite your best efforts.

  • Kirbynetta

    honestly might have to changed preferred chat service if this doesn't get implemented

  • MetalAnn

    Just another user who would love to be able to clean slate DMs.  I will pay to be able to do it if I have to.

  • updawg

    Our data, our choice.

  • Koldnesa

    Please add this function.

  • Omnissiah

    Greatest Decision.

  • afeliz305

    Please add this feature, it would make everyone happy

  • Berezovskiy

    прошло уже 5 месяцев с моменте подобной просьбы и дело смотрю даже не двигается. Видимо нужно прям резонансное, какое то действие например массовые перестать пользоваться программой, чтоб хоть как то повлиять на продвижение данного вопроса.

  • Frosty
    I totally agree!

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