Overlay compatibility for macOS


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  • Brightbrown

    Hate to say it, but there never, ever will be a Mac version of the overlay, so best to give it up.

  • badbot

    I think that this is really a petition enough. I would be happy to see Discord giving some more effort into upgrading mac users!

  • Kenai

    This is two years old, but I feel like since by votes alone this is the second-highest requested overlay-related feature at the time of this comment it deserves a bump and a suggestion.
    There are two ways Discord could implement this, which I'll go into detail on, and a couple more they could investigate.
    Three ways using MacOS APIs.
    1. A transparent always on top window.
    Now in MacOS, it is possible to create always - on top windows with transparency, that can do a number of things, such as following a user to different "spaces" (the term for virtual desktops and full-screen applications). This would be relatively simple to achieve, as transparency in these windows is native, and native APIs allow this without it being somewhat hacked together.

    2. The hacked together way.
    In MacOS Catalina, a new PiP API was introduced, you may be wondering, how does this help? Well, here's how. Discord, could simply use the PiP API to display a region of the screen overlayed with the call data - and use the screen recording permission to show the underlying application in the regions Discord's UI does not occupy.

    3. The not an overlay but the same features way
    Rather than using either of the slightly hacky ways of doing this, discord could just use WidgetKit and create a simple but effective rich widget in notification center. This would allow users to swipe on their touchpad to see call data from within other applications without switching to discord. 

    One way the community could do something with this.
    1. Better touch tool.
    BTT is a tool that allows users to script and create custom layouts that are persistent throughout the OS. Creating a script interface on discord would allow users to create a system-wide set of TouchBar icons to represent call data. This would allow the community to create a solution.

  • Lalanthe

    Kenai, this is the most helpful thing I have seen in a long time! However, it does appear Discord doesn't give a rats a** about us macOS users. It's a wonder they even support a Mac client at this point, since we obviously don't matter.

  • Kenai

    Being brutally honest, Discord's shtick is Windows and Android. MacOS, iOS, and iPadOS has and will likely always be second class to the developers. Hence why we never got Discord games, the ability to even view what's in our library on iOS, etc. 

    Honestly, I fully expect this to get ignored like they ignored the issue with iOS a year ago when they removed speakerphone then added it back - except there's really nothing we can do because we can't rate a non-AppStore app.

    I just wanted it to be visible that it's indeed possible for Discord to give us similar if not the same functionality, they're just choosing not to.

  • JayDub

    As a macOS user I think this is a long overdue feature.  I can get a notification in the top left corner that people type a message into chat, but we can't get an overlay..?  The functions to display that notification is the same one you could use for a permanent overlay.

  • A Corona Gets Its Orange

    I would like to add my voice as well it is a crying shame that there is no overlay especially with the pandemic and the rise fo games that need an overlay to help make the experience better.

  • JeyPeytey

    +1 Please add overlays for MacOS users !

  • bethlame

    2 years and still no overlay for Mac? C'mon discord...

  • MrZaebumba

    Omg, discord, please give us this feature, or just say if it’s impossible to implement! Just give us the answer!

  • Unknownhealz

    this is pretty boosted there isn't a overlay for mac even though i don't use it. i have windows and some guildies of mine have mac's. 

  • Manaz

    It's literally been 3 years since the original post.  Discord, get it together. This post is solid proof that there is a market of mac gamers. I agree, we are a minority. But a feature such as overlay should not at all be too hard to implement. I'm not sure why this doesn't exist in the first place, all I know is that it doesn't. Honestly though, I know it's hard but you literally created a reply feature. I'm sure this wouldn't take you long.

  • Derasnan

    Has this been missing for 3+ YEARS?!?!

    Seriously how difficult could it possibly be?

  • yassence

    I'd also like this feature... 

  • Chipmunk


  • Elphtya

    Its been two years- The fact that MacOS users are still being strewn aside is awful. Our games run fine, and we should be given the compatibility to have our overlay. 

  • KettKattYT

    DISCORD! COME ON! I am PAYING for nitro and you have listen to all of us Mac people that play GAMES JUST LIKE ON WINDOWS! Come on! AT LEAST TELL US IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO DO It!!!

  • Kenai

    They don’t have to do anything, but we also don’t have to pay them for access to the service either. It’s not like nitro is a big boon to usability.


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