Increase the side-menu "swipe to reveal" area


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  • goof

    my phone case has a border around the screen so its rlly hard to pull on the edge so this would be super cool!!!

  • GameGlitz

    I would see this in a similar fashion. Make a 19pt transpsrent handle on the left and right, and make them pull out the menu. Also, add customizability to this, between 0 (disabled) to 40pt, so users have control over it. Also, allow users to customize what the handles do, e.g Open the members list or Show channels and servers, just so that people can move around what everything does, so it is a feature that just shortcuts to actions that are normally possible but hard to do.

    This will really increase the productivity of the Discord mobile app. Also, NOW THAT SLACK HAS DONE IT, Where is End-End Encryption? ADD IT!


    Note 10+ user. I'm struggling hard to swipe either edge in the app. My curved screen is making life difficult to navigate the app. Widening the swipe area would be absolutely awesome for me.

  • Amber Dixon

    Oppo A54 user here. I second your thought. This model has the same loop holes in his shape as you mentioned in yours. So every model has its own pros and cons. We should adjust on it. 


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