built in music player


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  • Looney

    Doesn't it already have a inbuilt music player?


  • Nimnoy

    To help with confusion, I mean an entire tab showing audio files on your computer, allowing you to play them, share them, etc.

  • Genvara

    like steam? yeah maybe

  • Freeplay

    You can already do this with Music Bots.

  • Permanently deleted user
    I hope when you say you allow the person to search the folder, you mean only that folder because I dont want people going into my laptop for whatever reason. Maybe people can add music to the queue? Even though this is all and can be done by bots. 🤷
  • J0n77u

    Yeah. You can play music with bots. But the bad part is that you always need to alt tab to pause the music by typing something like !pause or do the same thing with the overlay. I think it would be a good thing to add the music player do discord's overlay and they should add to the keybinds settings more settings as pause music skip the song and etc.

  • Andres V

    An issue with this approach is that Discord's player will never be as good as a dedicated audio player --- the 80% good solution that is not really good at anything.  So, instead, Discord should have the ability to take up the sound provided by an external program.


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