Make nitro mobile friendly.



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  • zux

    Same thing for PC, although it might just be for people who got nitro for free with hypesquad.

  • Nia

    I recently added this to a review on the App Store , should so look up to this as an update!

  • aechīī ♡

    I don’t know how to change my pfp as a gif

  • nash

    I have nitro but when I try to upload a gif pfp, it only provides me with non gif options


  • kov

    *YOU HAVE TO HAVE NITRO*(ios) save your GIF as a file ( go to photos click on the share button scroll down and you should see save as file). go to safari search up then go to nitro and click on the 9.99 it’ll take you to login and once you login go to settings and click on your pfp and you should see browse and click on that and you should see your GIF on recents. hope this helps ( i’m really bad at explaining..wish there was a way i could add a screen recording )


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