Discord needs a LITE version!


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  • Brunão


  • SoSheolH

    would be especially useful on mobile for people with little storage, or who just want less of it taken up
    i know multiple companies have done it already, including google and facebook, and those have been very useful to many people

  • eisteetrinker

    I wholeheartedly agree. I don't need or want these Activity/Library/Store tabs.
    There are so many things I don't use lately: streamer mode, overlay, now games - I just want a chat program, not a second Steam (which I don't use to chat for exactly those reasons)

    I'd take the version that just implemented DMs and friendslist over this, if only because it's lighter on the performance - which was a big reason for me to even consider using discord :/

  • voiden.

    Huh, that's weird...

    I'm running discord on a quite old laptop (2013 ish) with an i5 processor. The pc is fine for most things, including discord, which runs perfectly fine. I'm in 20-30 servers, all pretty big, and I have a couple of games installed. So I am not sure why the program runs so poorly on your machine... The only thing I could think of is that you have installed a non-stable version of discord, like canary, and have received a weird update that kills the performance. Maybe...

  • ActionBrother

    That is weird indeed. Thanks for letting me know. 2 years ago I installed the stable version and never installed or reinstalled anything, only letting it update. I never applied for a experimental/beta version or aything.
    What is also weird is that some of my friends are (like I said) experiencing the same.
    I have discord on my laptop that is about 3 years old, it has an i7 6500u. I too have Discord on my desktop, that has an i7 7700k. I'm only experiencing these "problems" on my laptop. I might just try to reinstall Discord. I'll post something with the results.

  • Ayleid

    I JUST wanted to make a topic saying exactly this.

    • My PC has a 6 years old RAM and hard drive, so with the recent updates it takes around 2-3 minutes that Discord starts up, AND it causes major lagging in the games. You can imagine how troublesome and frustrating this can be.
    • I cannot use voice chat if we go on raids because it causes so intense lagg and this is a major con, making us consider switching back to TeamSpeak, which isn't watered up with ads and store and other (for us) useless stuff.

    Please Discord, consider making a LITE version for us, so we can stay with you. 

  • Zombra

    Yep, I would appreciate a "lite" version as well.  I would be perfectly fine with turning off a lot of what seems like preloading, just have it focus on one server and what's going on there.  I could even live with having to go through some kind of welcome screen to show the ads or whatever as long as it all turns off once I get through it.

  • أبو زكريا

    Does anyone know which audio codec Discord uses? Is it Opus?

  • クリス

    If you go into the Voice & Video section of your settings on Discord and scroll down a bit, it says "Discord uses only the best organic locally-sourced Opus Voice codec." So yes, it does :)

  • faandean

    I have mid-high range computer spec but my internet only 1mbps. After recent discord update it started to use all my bandwidth for something i dont even care.

    I only use discord for voice and chatting only, i dont care and want all this preview and game news now and never.
    discord are combined slack and teamspeak, it better than both of that and why the Dev have to ruin it.

  • ravenshining

    I don't use Discord for anything more than I would an IRC client on my laptop of 12 years, using a mobile hotspot for internet.   My phone runs Android 4.0, so it's not even an option there.

    So yes, it would be nice to have a stripped-down version targeted at older machines that doesn't take so long to load and isn't constantly installing updates at you.

  • criptixo

    I don't really think this is a good idea, just use discord on your browser.

  • Sandbag

    I definitely want this.  Without it rocket chat and mumble are becoming attractive.


  • Josheb

    This would be pretty ideal. My friend noticed that since the store has been added discords CPU utilization on his PC has gotten so high that it's made it harder for him to stream without dropping frames. Please consider this.

  • Jon Grah

    I logged on for the first time and immediately noticed the several discord.exe processes and memory usage in the task manager.    I'm also upvoting the need for a "lite" version.

    I use skype lite on my phone and man, what a difference.  50-100 MB with very little MB up/down during idle periods.  vs the full app version which is 250-400MB.   And Skype support can NEVER fully justify why its full app needs so much memory.



    I also recommend if you only have 1 app, that you allow users to "turn off" features that they do not use.  especially if that can save memory.

  • thomasbnt

    It would have the Shop less and would therefore be lighter to use. Because >200 MB it's starting to happen for a software that wasn't even half as big at the very beginning @discordapp .

    So I'm up for this wonderful idea.

  • duk

    @Zusier the problem is not the gpu performance its the cpu and ram

  • duk

    this pls

  • Darth
    So essentially a low-performance mode that works better on slower devices?
  • Pamphlet

    Please implement this. I've been very disappointed with how resource intensive Discord is at times. It's drawn me to disable Discord on startup and stop using Discord altogether. Discord team, please don't make the same mistake as many other app developers (Skype) and add unnecessary graphical improvements and features without considering optimization or a lightweight client altogether.

  • davfsa
    Please check that you dont have Hardware Acceleration (found under Settings>Appearance>Advanced) turned on, that could be what is causing your problem
  • Mri'Kul

    I loved old discord because i could run it smoothly alongside severa other comlicated applications on my laptop. now it makes even chrome scream if running simultaneously. i fear it will one day burnout this 5 year old computer that otherwise works fine.

    seriousy it took longer to type this because discord is running. i cant play any games effectively and use it, i have to lower my game settings on everything now if people need to do a call. they shoved a whole city of bloat into what was once the smoothest chat program out there. :( 

    @discord developers, why do you hate us?

  • InBlue

    Seriously? Discord is built on a platform known as 'Electron', this basically allows you to take a website and turn it into a desktop app, with some minor changes. Electron runs on the a simplified version of Google Chrome, so what you are saying is that there is a computer that is incapable to using Google Chrome...

  • Roj

    Alone it runs fine.. I got a pretty good pc, but after the game your playing, this bloated version forces me to close it down.


    Will be redirecting guildies to download mumble..

    Too many features you can not opt out of or toggle off.  Sorry discord, the user has left the party.

  • Neo_Punk

    Discord is breaking my voice when a game loads the map or does some task, i did not have this issue in the earlier version. Lite version with less bloat would be great!

  • Cap'n Takoyaki

    My mate's PC is not low end but his discord still crashes frequently during game. He has had to change prioriteies for voice chat to work, but discord changes the priorities back. If they could seperate out the chat into a gaming version where it stops all other discord activity in game mode that would be great. Discord needs a lite/gaming function

  • ActionBrother

    I placed a post about at the same time this post came out, my post is being merged into this one, so I'm posting my post here too. (A lot of post :p )

    This I posted 3 to 4 months ago:

    Hello everyone (at Discord)

    I have been using Discord for the past 2 years so I have seen how Discord changed. I immediately and completely switched from Skype and TeamSpeak to Discord. Sadly, the past few months, Discord is feeling very slow and unresponsive, you guys and girls added a lot of cool features, but maybe too many with little optimization(?)... This feeling really started when Discord suddenly received a games store.

    For me Discord isn't the simple but full of features, the best and lightweight chat- and VOIP app anymore like it was. I really don't know what the cause is, but I ask you to take a look and reconsider some things or at least look for a solution.

    I use Discord both for gaming and college/university work (VOIP). I need to do a lot of projects in group with my friends. This is a reason why sometimes the store is not necessary for me. I never needed a store like it and I'm probably never going to use it either. An option to for example not load certain features of discord (like the store, the library, the activity tab, ...) would be welcome if this would make Discord run better.

    I'm running Discord on an i7 processor and I'm member of 1 big server and owner of 6 tiny (only 2 are active) servers. So I don't really think I can solve the problem. And It's not only me, my friends are saying and experiencing the same thing. Some of them even went back to TeamSpeak.

    Let me know if this post even reaches you guys and if this can be considered or be worth looking into.

    Thank you in advance.

  • ActionBrother

    I don't know when they added it, but I just saw this in my Discord settings and it does hide the activity tab and store and everything. I just don't know if they truly don't load it or just hide it (not the same).

  • Dimerite

    Please we need it ASAP!

  • acrisis 🇧🇪

    Discord needs to slim down. 

    It never dumps its cache from whatever it downloaded in the past, and so on one system and on my phone I have Discord take up between 1-2 GB of drive space ... even though everything but the last page on any server or any channel is wasted. 99% of the time I do not scroll up. 

    RAM use is going through the roof. Just got a new laptop, installed a couple meters to keep an eye on ram, cpu, etc ... Discord by default using 802 MB of RAM ?!  
    Seriously: W H Y ?!  

    What the heck is going on that a chat app viewer now approaches 1 GIGABYTE of RAM right off the bat? 


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