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    Dabbit Prime

    Do Not Disturb (DND) has always been on mobile and it does in fact work. The issue is that it's an active status, which means you're online when using it. When you're offline you are no longer in DND. In order to tell if you're online or not we have this thing called a "heartbeat" which is the server going "Hey, you there!" and if it doesn't get a response it moves you to offline. Apps can't continue to do things like this while in the background or closed, so there's no response so you get moved to offline.

    If you don't want getting notifications while you're offline you need to mute the channels or disable the notifications.

  • brunxkd

    I agree. I’ve always wanted DnD to disable notifications on mobile as well.

  • KCSaber

    DnD most certainly needs to function on mobile simultaneously with its desktop counterpart. What I find odd is that if I've left discord open on PC for X amount of time (more research needs to be done), Those notifications will get pushed to my phone, despite having my account on Do Not Disturb. It's as though the function doesn't even function on mobile. This is the same for iPad as well just to be clear. I've also been informed that my notification dot will go from green to red thanks to my brother. If the discord devs would get up and deal with these issues that would be fantastic. Also just as a bonus feature (unrelated to the OP) add some sort of proximity function for chat in games, I feel as though it would add to immersion when playing with friends.


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