Ability to change your Nitro badge colour.


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  • jedi3
    I feel like that would be a interesting idea, but I don't see any benefit for it to happen. I only see like cosmetic happiness. I also see difference in profiles, when looking at the badge, if this is implemented. But at the same time, I am like no. Why do that? It is just a waste of space of storage, not needed kind of thing, not actually helpful to anyone. This is what I see 🤷 I am half and half on this suggestion.
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  • Dawah

    About the waste of storage, adding a color palet for some pixels won't more than 500Kb, or that's what I think. I think having more cosmetic things could be awesome imo, but I do respect your opinion.

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  • The Rango Lord

    Can we not add more features for Nitro users to remind everyone else that they're better than them

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