Spellcheck on linux


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  • EmpiricalPython

    It is ridiculous that this post is now more that two year old, and still no spell-check.

  • Gordon

    Today's DiscordPtb update now has INLINE SPELLCHECK!!!


    It's too bad I've began moving back to Mac for my desktop use (the new M1 laptops are amazeballs) :(

  • Gordon

    Ubuntu 20.10 using DiscordPtb:

    Ptb 72376 (75e36d9)
    Host 0.0.23
    Linux 64-Bit (5.8.9-050809-Generic)

  • qnx

    Today, the stable Discord client has been updated to version 0.0.13, which now runs on Electron version 9.3.5, and thus, the Speelcheck is now working. It relies on hunspell, so make sure you have that installed on your system.

    Took a long time, but we are finally here!

  • Destinyblade

    Spellcheck is finally here


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