Allow capital letters in channel names


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  • Ziv

    ofc we cant get it

  • Zacatero
    I mean, it sure sounds possible, but the format of the channels is part of Discord's aesthetic. It would be like suggesting "Hmmm I think Discord should ditch the blurple color"
  • Pebbles

    spaces should be addable too.

    if voice channels get these, why can't text channels

  • LProgead

    Yes. Space too.

  • ♡Aly♡

    S i g h I get bothered if I can't start with a capital my ocd just kills me

  • Atthan - Ruler Of OROS

    @zacatero, go FU.

  • Pattend

    Yeah I have ocd about that.

  • Hide

    Not true I am in a server that does have Capitals in channel name it is possible I don't know how to do it yet


  • Aisaka

    The trick is to use Unicode-Characters.

    The downside is that it's hard to #channelname

  • Unknownhealz

    I agree why can't we use capital letters in channels.  I use discord for our guild and we have a guild message of the day which i would like to change to GMOD but i can't look so dumb lower case  gmod


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