Hiding Text/Voice Channels


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  • Catman

    Still can't hide voice channels though, really bothersome because I sometimes misclick them when they're listed among text channels

  • megannnjay
    In addition to muting, if you right click there is an option to hide muted channels 😃
  • gina.5730

    you could also click on that channel's settings, go to permissions, and then disable these two:

    that way people with a certain role won't be able to see or read messages and it also won't delete the messages.

    (also great for April fools day lol if you want something temporary)

  • Power'O James
    Why not hiding text channels ?
  • Teknirekt

    This can be done through roles? for example on my server we have things broken down by games played, members assign themselves roles based off the games they play;

    unless they have game1's role they do not see any VC or text chats that require the Read/See perm for game1

    If they have game1 and game3 roles, they'll see those areas - but not game2's

    Also~ you can put them in folders to collapse the list

    Unless i'm misunderstanding your request. (ie owner vs user issue)

  • Lear
    I believe what you want to do is Mute the NSFW channel (to hide it) and unmute the Bot channel. Right click the Bot channel and change notifications to Nothing, but leave it unmuted.
  • NathanNorth
    i would like to see this feature on Discord
  • Roses

    We use a special designed bot that allows users to hide/unhide channels and categories. Just google a good bot for it and you're done.

  • TheCompanyIKeep

    Would love to see this feature in Discord right away...


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