Owner approval of pruning


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  • megannnjay
    Pruning only removes people who haven't logged onto Discord *at all* over the defined period, and does not affect users who have a role. The person would also need the necessary permission to prune, and they'd likely be able to do more damage with the related permission than pruning itself
  • BlitzAteMe

    If a mod in a server feels like it with perms, which are pretty standard they can legit kick hundreds of people, i've been servers where mods have felt this way and kicked thousands of people, all they need is manage roles and kick, they can also edit a role below to give kick perms and then prune that way, its a good feature but i think there should be a barrier and defo only owner can prune not a mod or at least a approval thing

  • chloroform chloe

    Pruining dosen't kick all the guild members, just all the inactive ones. Also, just remove the permission to prune members and only let the owner have it.

  • Azazel

    It would be better to seperate the ability to prune from the kick members permission.

  • Suspense
    if you have the needeed perm you can just kick or ban
  • Adrician

    Someone hacked my staff account and purned 8K Of our members, It really should be owner only. destroys multiple servers.


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