Discord SMS Messaging App Proposition


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  • torstrom

    I strongly agree, it would replace pushbullet and just make it way easier to use discord as an sms applicaiton

  • AwesomenessZ

    I agree as well, what I don't understand is why people are down voting it, as it would be an optional feature...

  • Ruhstle

    I think people are misunderstanding what OP means.  OP isn't proposing that we should forced to use discord as an sms rather it's an opt in feature of the mobile version that would also let you text via PC or Mac.  Might start a new thread abt this...

  • 昭夫

    I hope I really want it to also. Since I'm on discord literally all the time too

  • AwesomenessZ

    If you do, let us know so we can upvote it lol


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