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  • ks
    I'd love to see that feature but only in overlay where it makes sense. Similar tp how steam works
  • Blastoise186
    This feature does sound cool and would make it easier to carry out certain tasks such as adding Bots to my servers. However, there are some security risks that I can foresee which may become a serious headache. I wouldn't be too keen on being able to use the Discord apps to visit websites outside of the trusted and official Discord domains because I'm concerned that random websites may attempt to pull off some kind of malicious action to attempt to hijack another users account and/or sneak past other security measures. I would strongly prefer to see this feature only work on officially trusted Domains.
  • Destroyer1727

    Thank you for your feedback Blastoise186. I do not agree though because I feel that Discord should have a strong enough security to prevent that from happening very often.

  • Zacatero
    The logic of that reasoning isnt that great... But also remember that a big group of Discord's demographic are people who are better able to abuse stuff like this.
  • Morguen

    You realize that the discord app is a borderless web browser. Chromium I think. Almost everything you interact with is already HTML and CSS, with Node JS making up the back end. While Chromium is instantiated inside something like a C# form or the like, none of that is really leveraged in the UI / UX. What you suggest shouldn't be difficult. All the source code is in the resources dir where ever you installed Discord. You don't even have to have the discord app load discords url if you don't want. You can edit it and have it go to your own page or even google or w/e who cares. Wanna changes the looks. great. Edit the css. Wanna add a browser? add a new button that loads a local html file with a reference to jquery and load your pages inside a div. Wanna change your discord loading screen into a flying toaster? okay. Its all open in the resource folder. Could even be done with notepad but I suggest notepad ++. 

    If you want to see Discords source, you can also just hit Ctrl+Shft+I. This will open the view source panel, the same as you would see in chrome. Should be pretty easy to see what files to modify that way.

    Make it your own. Have fun.

  • Kev


  • Boltox


  • Endorakai

    Better compatibility with the browser version (no download/in-browser) for all browsers currently in use would be the more likely approach to eliminating issues / increasing features on any platform while minimizing coding needed. Right now, on the Xbox (Xbox Edge Browser), the in-browser client fails to load the website properly. This causes the website to just spin the loading icon forever... Wished this would get fixed. UWP would the BEST way to include it on Xbox - While we are talking about compatibility and inclusion to Discord across platforms.

  • Isa xd


  • Kaylaaaa

    very niceee


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  • DontSimpForPokimane

    Oh wise blastoise186


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