Ability to hide specific verified games


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  • Just Mouse (月子)

    I've been annoyed I can't disable verified games for years but it's gotten extremely irritating now that discord mistakes voidtools' Everything for the game of the same name and won't even stop displaying it and prioritizing it over games I actually DO have open when I don't have any windows of Everything open, making the activity status useless now.

  • Bedrock

    Also chiming in because Everything is the only game that shows up in my status now, and it's not even a game, despite Discord thinking it is. This is fairly annoying.

  • Slvrbuu

    I'd like to support this as well. It's kind of annoying that even software you leave running all the time is taking priority over games you'd actually like to show.

  • Trollhammeren

    I'm thinking it's time we expressed our dissatisfaction on the Playstore /Apple store... This is just annoying.

    Discord you are not gaining anything because I'd rather turn it off then let it selectively bone me with some stupid status message ...

  • Jurryaany

    I never needed this feature much but since a few days Discord is recognizing the application "Everything" as a game. It is not.

  • Rofii

    FOUR YEARS and you haven't done anything about this? My discord status is permanently set to "7 days to die dedicated server" and there's no way to fix it? And you've been sitting on your hands for FOUR YEARS?

    Does anyone know of any decent discord alternatives? Doesn't even have to have voice chat. I'll go back to Mumble or something for VC.

  • D4KiR

    when does this get added?

  • Adrien.

    Still waiting since 2020.

  • MuffinTastic

    It seems this is finally being addressed in a beta feature. If the eye icon is white/grey, it will show as an Activity. If it's crossed out in red, nobody will see it.

    This is a screenshot from my PC. Running Discord Canary if it matters.

  • NAKEDnick

    Wonderful news! I’ll finally be able to turn the activity status back on after 4 long years of not using it.

  • Nozemi

    MuffinTastic isn't this how it always has been? You may hide it if it's already added there, but the issue iirc was that not all games can be hidden, and they keep coming back - been a minute since last I messed around with these settings.

    That at least looks exactly like my stable release client does.

  • ken

    Nope, this is brand new functionality and it's a very welcome change, assuming you can also hide non-verified games too which seems to be everyone's biggest complaint. You used to be able to "remove" games, but it was entirely useless because it'd just re-add the game back anyway. You could rename games but that wouldn't help either because you wouldn't be able to change the priority of which "game" appears as the one you are playing.

    Edit: Yep, looks like you can hide non-verified games, this is great news!

  • Kira_Slith

    Hooray! This solution has been a long time coming. Here's hoping it fully resolve the issue.

  • Paii

    It does seem to work, although the UI seems a little unstable updating. On one occasion it didn't save my settings on exit, and once the "Toggle detection" tooltip persisted even after exiting the Registered Games settings page. I'm glad something is happening with this though.

  • D4KiR

    finally they added it!!!

  • Ðrawinox

    Nice! But…

    It would be better to have an option that allows me to set new games automatically to invisible. It's not helpful to start a game the first time and rush to the options to hide it. :p

    Now I have this cool feature but I still not use it, because of this what I wrote above.


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