Bots Be Able To DM You


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  • Farkas
    yeah I agree, this just seems like pushing the problem with dmads back instead of properly fixing it, especially since a lot of bots rely on DMing you, especially when it comes to help commands and it doesnt want to flood a channel.
  • ServerAdmin

    You need to be a bit more clear.

    Do you want bots to be able to DM at all (this is already possible)

    Or do you want a way to make bots only DM people and never spam channels (this is up to the bot maker)

    You can already block bots just fine to stop their messages popping up.

  • ||Jojo||
    The problem is with allowing this that the Bots would be used to spam random users with this permission. Only thing I could think about it is via oauth permission, but thats not easy to use for all.
  • Matthew

    ^ A lot of bots DM people for warns/kicks/bans and people disable their DMs so the bot can't do it.


    Unfortunately I can already hear people shouting privacy invasion

  • DuckMasterAl
    Yes! Maybe also be able to whitelist some bots to dm you though...
  • DingleFlop

    This site is honestly a joke... How do features like this get so many upvotes? This isn't even a feature...

  • Daffy
    You would always report the bots to Trust & Safety for them to take care of it
  • AbyxDev

    To clarify the feature being suggested:

    Currently, a bot cannot DM you unless you and the bot are both in a server that you allow DMs from.
    The suggestion is to add an option that allows a particular bot to DM you even if you share no DMmable servers.
    This would be useful for allowing bots that rely on DMs to actually DM you without allowing anyone else in the server to DM you.

  • Viper Dg

    The share no DMmable servers
    You share no Dams to actually DM you without allowing anyone else in the server to DM you

  • learning_to_trade

    The specfic feature I would like is to allow a specific BOT that is a member of the server to be able to DM other members of the server while preventing regular members from DMing each other.

    This feature would allow a bot to help service the community without spamming a channel or sharing personal information publicly.  For example same you want the bot to send something via email to a member, have direct messaging disabled.  You would want the bot to be exempt from that rule so it can collect the email with out letting everyone see that email address.

  • Dubz

    I'm not sure what half of you are on about this.


    learning_to_trade was spot on with his first half of his post. The second half is way out there and I'm not even sure what he's trying to say, tbh.


    Simple: Add a second option to allow DMs from bots. This should be enabled by default, whereas allowing DMs from users can be enabled/disabled by default, per the user's account settings. You can have welcome messages, information requests, etc. added for users, and if that's too much, they could disable the DMs from bots (or even select bots). Bot devs should facilitate some sort of abuse reporting feature in the event of someone using it for spam, and if too much or gets to be malicious, the user could report the bot to Discord and let them and the dev hash it out from there.


    I don't want to enable DMs from other users in servers that some may use to send spam, but having interaction with the bots would be nice.

    Alternatively, allow users to mark roles as "can DM", so ones like mods or bots can DM, while all others cannot. The current setting is too flat and black/white. Let's add some color to it.

  • Two

    Someone just showed me this post which I completely forgot about.

    I almost forgot what I meant to say but this is what I meant: I wanted there to be an option for Discord bots to DM you when you have DMs disabled on privacy settings. Like, you can pick what Discord bots can DM you or not. For example, if you have DMs disabled, you can still talk to people to added as friends, but you can't friend Discord bots so you will need to have DMs enabled in order for Discord bots to DM you. I also meanan option where you can pick specific Discord bots that can DM you.

  • bblllcc

    Mee6 can DM people

  • Dubz

    If it can DM you, that means you share a server with it and allow for DMs from members in that server.

  • Eti

    A bit of a late bump but I have run into the need for a feature like this for quite some time. I'm surprised at how many people seem to have difficulty understanding this feature request, but no matter - this feature is instrumental to UX with my bot.

    Spambots don't have any more leverage since you have to go out of your way to allow the DMs to be sent (specifically click on the bot and then hit some button that allows the DMs to be sent), and servers that could make use of this behavior have a benefit because they no longer have to rely on hacky workarounds just to tell users rudimentary information (or whatever it may be).

  • ! Ŧ☢П¥ 〢

    There should be another feature added to discord allowing people to block all dm's from users and only allow the bots to DM you. It;ll be very helpful to many people out here.

  • squeegily#7499

    How about we let users know which server the bot is using to DM them?

  • skact

    I have an answer for this which is fairly simple. Go on a server, right click on it, go to privacy and settings, and you can disable people from dming you from that server specifically. Hope this helps, sorry that I was late and enjoy.


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