discord beeps without showing where the new activity is


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  • OfficalGOD

    theres random beeps like beep beep and it anoys me


  • Interitus

    This just started for me. It's so annoying. i literally went through every server checked for any missed @ mentions. I muted servers i thought were mentioning me. I keep checking the @ mentions section. there is nothing new, but my discord still beeps. I'm also ready to mute everything. This is a terrible bug for a program whose main function is communication. 

  • Kuro

    yeah, i've become so fed up with the discord beeps from nowehere that i've turned off all beeps in discord. 

  • ERN468

    Johnny English I want to see where the notification is that way I can see the notification, its so ridiculous that they have a system where it'll beep you but not show you why or where its beeping from. I'm not going to scroll through 15 servers looking for the one thing that beeped me so i can see what it said.

  • war-dog

    I too, have notifications disabled, but still hear beeps all the time. Really annoying.

  • Moonboots

    Just wanted to add that I have this same problem and it drives me crazy. If it's going to beep, please make it easy to see what the notification is and where it's coming from. I belong to 20 different servers and I don't have time to investigate each one to see what it is (and when I have, I haven't tracked it down).

  • Chris5626

    It does seem crazy that there is a system in place to notify you of alerts/messages that gives you no indicator as to where those alerts/messages have come from.


    Discord "Something has happened!"

    Me "What? What's happened?"

    Discord "You'll just have to look through every server and every channel to try and find out now won't you?"

  • dandv

    Any progress on fixing this? It's annoying AF to hear beeps and have no idea where they're coming from.

    I'm an engineer and understand this may not be trivial to fix (building a notifications queue and figuring out the UX for it), but the fact that nobody from the Discord team seems to give a shit and chime in on here, is really irritating.

    My "solution" was to right click the tab in Chrome and choose "Mute site".

  • Prid

    As a new Discord user, I honestly just thought I was dumb and didn't understand what the sounds meant. Thought they were for other conversations, but I couldn't see any visual badges, so I just wrote it off as me being stupid.

    Turns out it's not a feature and this sucks... thought an app as popular as Discord would not have a bug of this caliber :/

    I'm honestly being driven away from discord because of this.

  • Shimaaji

    It boggles my mind, that this issue hasn't been addressed yet.

    Discord is becoming more and more popular. This might have been a non-issue in a time where a single person might have been on 2 to 5 Discord servers, but by now? LOADS of services and companies use Discord for all kinds of things.

    Joined a beta of some software? New Discord server. Want to give feedback on an early access game? Yet another Discord server. Want to find people to play board games on Tabletop Simulator? Add 15 new Discord servers ... because every large board game has 1 to 2 own ones. Playing an rpg on roll20? You get the picture.... Ending up with 50 +/- x servers isn't all that difficult.

    For organizing incoming notifications and managing notification settings for large numbers of servers the interface of Discord is absolutely and utterly atrocious.

  • Kabrai

    So it seems that this is still an issue? I just did a search and this post came up... Would be nice to have a solution to this... Everything solution here seems to be a workaround. 

    I want to:

    1. Identify what servers are going off, and then be able to mute them for an amount of time. 

    2. Identify that it might be a channel I don't follow often. And turn it off. Currently I can't.

    3. Actually visit the channel or server that made the noise and read something that I might be interested in. 

    I am not sure if there has been a response, I just found page via google but a response from development or something about it. "like we have fix planned or are working on it" would be nice. 



  • slikts

    I joined new servers recently and the phantom notifications started, and I think it's the new servers; I've tried muting the channels, but not sure if it's working. I also have the red notification dot permanently on, and it's been like that for years. I guess Discord just isn't going to fix this ever since it doesn't affect enough people.

    Should be noted that there's reports elsewhere of the phantom beep issue from 2017.

    Edit: muting the channels doesn't work after all.

  • Gaden

    Please just make notification history. I have no idea where all my beeps are coming from. Its so anoying. Beeps all the time but theres nothing in discord that indicates where the beep comes from.

    Please fix 

  • SIXTHSENSE [176355]

    I'm like "Oh they answered!" and then when I check there's nothing

  • diegzumillo

    The problem is that we are usually interested in knowing what's causing the 'current beeps'. The reality of chat rooms is that every server is always white and every channel inside is also always white, and muting everything defeats the purpose of using Discord. So if you want to know which one is active right now no "unread messages" color notification will help.

    The best solution is to make a habit of checking the well hidden 'inbox' button at the upper right corner. That shows the last activity, answering the question "what made that beep?"

  • McVitas

    Hello. When is this going to be fixed?? It's ridiculous. At least make it possible to set different sounds for direct messages and posts in channels!

  • Belthize

    Yet another post to clarify that the issue isn't that discord beeps, it's that it doesn't give a clear indication of *why* it beeped.

    White bolded channels don't help.  With 20+ servers each with 10-20 channels spanning every timezone there will always be channels with unread messages.  But if something goes beep I want to know where it went beep from.  I don't even want to see the message just the from where.

    Expose a simple event log:  server A:Channel X:timestamp:notification type  that's all that's needed.

  • Whip

    "Look at every channel with a..."

    Nope, it's been demonstrated that phantom notifications can (and most often do) come from servers that the user was once a member of and have left.

    "The bad ones will have "All Messages". That's the core of this problem."

    The core of the problem isn't that notifications are enabled, it is that there is a notification without an indication of the notification origin.

  • Muriel DrMom

    I don't think the industry has done any research on ideal threading for various forums. Facebook, pushing the most recent comments to the top, isn't the answer.  Yahoo Groups, IMNSO, had it right.  The social media niche is ripe for a smart company to come along and bury these dinosaurs. Amazon got where they are by good customer service.  Discord hasn't learned that lesson.

  • Kyouki

    Same thing is happening to me. I'm not sure if a update happened or what but a few days ago after I joined two new servers its just been going off with random beeping sounds on my phone. I have notifications set to only notify me outside of the app when being DM'ed so why am I getting this beeping while currently browsing in a server? I have even muted the new servers and still I am getting the beeping.

    I thought the general notification was to make it more convenient for those users who have a ton of servers and can't go through to silence every one of them. >/ This is the problem I have. I have something like 30 something different servers I'm not trying to have to go through each one and mute each one! That is the purpose of having a generalized on and off switch for notifications.


    Please fix this immediately! 

  • wadeboyes

    Same issue bloody annoying! Even left some servers to try and stop it. It's the Message notification sound.

  • TreeBranch

    Same issue here. Curious what the fix is.

  • JLennon

    Here's what worked for me, since I had the beeping constantly. Mark all your channels as read and watch which lights up. When you head to that server, mark as read again. When a new "beep" happens, you can click the "New message" button and it will take you to the channel that it is beeping. Right click and turn off notifications. Ahhhh bliss...........zzz....

  • Harkadenn

    Has this been noted yet?
    Any fix yet?

    I already did what Sagenod suggested but it would be good to know where are these phantom beeps coming from... hoping I'm not ignoring anyone by accident.

  • JohnnyW

    THE MOST ANNOYING F'IN THING IN THE WORLD! I'm not even using the desktop app. This is just the browser! I have manually muted every channel, and see this phantom beeping occurs. No visual indication of what or where something is happening. I cannot tell you how much I absolutely despise Discord right now. This stupid app deserves death.

  • The tenno guy

    1 year no changes. JUST DO IT, make our dreams come true!

  • Vladplaya

    April 29th 2020, this shit is still major problem. I have message notification without any pop ups or warnings. For some reason Discord makes message noises for servers that I am currently not in and don't care hearing generic chat message notifications for.

    This is just stupid.

  • Carc

    Still no fix? (none of these workarounds are good)

  • ffatheranderson

    It looks like discord does not care about this shit going on.

  • diegzumillo

    I'm just here to add to the year long pile of people complaining about beeps with no indication of source.

    It's such a simple thing to fix, come on. A history of notifications, I admit, even though an elegant solution it does require some UI work. But why not just make the server that last beeped blink? A frequent annoying beep usually comes from the same source; an ongoing conversation somewhere. So you're there browsing the web and discord goes 'beep' so you go check what it is, then one of the 10 servers is blinking, you go there, there's a channel blinking, you go there, participate or mute, problem solved.


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