Blocking the voice changers


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  • moonlightcapital
    How could this be made possible?
  • Wolfy
    how would this work? On phone we have apps that can block blockers and there are endless apps and programs.
  • ||Jojo||
    How about those people who just want to keep their privacy?
  • Soylent Warrior

    Why is it a problem at all? If you don't like what a user sends into voice comms, why isn't it enough to block and mute them? 

    What about unintended consequences also? For example if I'm playing bass guitar into the mic (because why not) and somehow this is mis-detected as voice changing

  • Dogicorns

    I think this should be a feature added, nowadays a 40 year old can put a "baby" voice mod on and trick actual kids into thinking they are talking to someone their age when in reality it could be some creepy pervert behind the voice mod. I say this because it happened to me a couple years back.


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