Add the feature to still see video calls when you leave the discord app


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  • will_orc

    I agree with you. And not only on mobile devices but most importantly on the desktop app. I'm moving from Skype to Discord and this is a key feature that I'm lacking and that would make Discord much better.

    Also, apart from the ability to drag the window, you should be able to close that window anytime and/or unable its appearance in the configuration.

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  • Jabberwocky

    I also agree with this, it would be nice to have the same mechanic that skype did when you would close the video call. I especially need this for desktop because with 1 monitor, I can't do my work without having to reopen and close the discord app just to see what my classmate is trying to show me.

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  • Oz

    Absolutely, this is my biggest wish for Discord. I wouldnt even need Skype, if I could add the video window overlay to my game screen.

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