Auto-disconnect after being in a call alone for 5 minutes


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  • MoonlightCapital
    Surprised this was added on desktop tbh, since mobile devices are the ones who need to save bandwidth the most
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  • ZeduS

    It shouldn't be that hard to add this feature on mobile discord. We need this...

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  • Kim

    Please, oh please, do NOT just change to this!! That the iOS app doesn't auto-disconnect is my favorite feature! PLEASE, make it an OPTION we can toggle...

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  • Kirstenly

    This would be a good option to save my data and battery when I too fall asleep like an infant while in a call

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  • Outrun

    Please make it an option for PC as well. I want to be able to chill in a voice chat alone so people that are online can see that I'm up for conversation and can join. I mean, you can force mute but at least make it an option.

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  • wascoji_jenins Guinea Pig Queen

    I agree with Outrun. I fall asleep with my boyfriend at night and sometimes itll disconnect one of us but we wanna rejoin in the morning to surprise the other without waking the other up by calling them lol. honestly glad this isnt on mobile cuz i usually use that but i do use my laptop a good bit as well and on my pc itd be nice. like sometimes one of us will have internet issues so itd be nice to be able to stay in the call so they can rejoin when its fixed. also the reason it disconnects at night in the first place. it should honestly just be an option in the settings

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  • Nicola Mecos

    Gf’s iPad keeps disconecting when she sleeps. This makes me wait all the night until she eventually wakes up overnight and reconnects. Please disable the 5 mins disconnecting on discord pc, please, save my scolarship

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