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  • Bultzen

    We (me and my friends) need a clickable button to send the message, too! [copied text]


    1. If I can only use my right hand

    2. If I am in a chill-mode and I am relaxing in weird positions on my chair without my right hand on my keyboard and I only want to copy and paste (and SEND!) a link to friends.

    3. If I am sitting on my couch and watching Netflix or Youtube or whatever at my TV Screen. It's so much better to only have a mouse nearby and not both of the Input Devices for several reasons...

    4. Makros/Keylogger are running



    -> right click for paste-send would be enough

    -> In a perfect case I would wish to see an additional small Symbol like the triangle arrow thing that is available for the android application. This should be placed somewhere next to the existing symbols in the chat bar. Furthermore I would like to see Options to disable all of these buttons (making them invisible).

    Thanks in advance.

    PS: If you guys are missing this feature so badly you can use a mouse button (if your mouse had enough of them) to emulate a enter press.

  • voiden.

    The discord team should implement this, simply because they have no reason not to. Seriously, this would be insanely simple to implement, wouldn't make any major difference to the core functionality of discord, and it's just a nice touch.

  • HowShouldiKnowboutLife

    I would love any sort of Send button on desktop version of Discord, because sometimes i just don't use my keyboard for messages (if its a space issue then maybe have an option to remove the other gift nitro buttons etc (i dont have nitro, do not want it, and this button is useless to me))

  • zSnails

    to do that you have to move your hand to your mouse and do 4 things with it, also the enter key is closer to your hand


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