Unwanted audio autoplay in iOS app



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  • Officiële opmerking

    Hi, thanks for reaching out! This bug should be fixed now, but for future reference, if you'd like to report a bug, please fill out this form: https://dis.gd/contact

    However, since this website is for suggestions on new features to add to Discord I'm closing out this ticket as invalid.

  • potatofos

    Also had this happen to me on the iOS app with a video that came from an imgur.com/gallery/<hash> link

  • MDW

    I am also experiencing this issue. I also run into instances where the sound will be playing multiple times on top of one another. We need to be able to stop the image from playing sound. Also, whether or not it plays sound should take into account the phone's silence setting. Having it auto-play audio when your phone is on silent is unintuitive and intrusive.


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