Server Screenshare


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  • purpzie

    This is partially a thing already; it's in the API but doesn't have an interface. However, you can still do it by enabling developer mode and creating a link to a voice channel: (replace with IDs)

    Anyone who clicks on the link to the channel (at least on canary, haven't tested on normal discord) will be able to screenshare in the voice channel 👍


    But yeah, it would be awesome if they created a menu for it!

  • Javelin

    Server Screen share is a really valuable collaborative tool for teams working remotely who use discord for more than just gaming. It's a service we wouldn't have any problem with paying a fee for to keep as it's been extremely useful thus far.

  • Marty11

    Hi, I had server with Screenshare and we were in voice using Screenshare, but in 1 minute, screenshare was gone. How can I activate it again?

  • bBrain

    Totally agree we have it on one server, but not our new one. Love gaming with friends and sharing our screens in DCS very cool feature!

  • bBrain

    well it was a really valuable tool... now it's pretty much gone lol having everyone's screen in one room was great. Would of easily paid $10/mo for it. 


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