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  • undermaster.
    You dont have to download it, its playable. Its just being very glitchy tho as per:
  • TinWhisker

    @VedDdlAXE You can hit the right-hand button to send to another app without needing to DL it.


    @discordapp devs:

    It appears the the native MediaPlayer in some phones have missing/broken codecs needed to support some vids.
    Unfortunately the playback error is 'Unknown':

    D MediaPlayerNative: Message: MEDIA_ERROR(100), ext1=MEDIA_ERROR_UNKNOWN(1), ext2=0x80000000: com.discord

    If including a third party player is not suitable, a feature request would be to allow third party players to be used by default - maybe as a setting? (Options setting: "Use native player", unchecking it will make the android selection appear, which we can set a player as default.)

  • Ved

    @TinWhisker Right hand button?

    That button on the far right opens it in chrome, at which point it asks me to download it 

  • Shubamz

    I believe this is also device-dependent as mov files play natively in the Android app on the Pixel 3 running Android 10.

    Would be awesome if they're able to make it not device-dependent as just because it works for me doesn't mean I don't want it to work for you :)

  • Funny that you mention that, because even after I download the video, my phones native video player still causes an error message when running it. However opening it with google photos lets the video play just fine. So maybe by default discord opens it with native, but if that could be changed it could work perhaps. It could explain why your Google pixel is able to run MOV's and why google photos is able to run them on my device. 

  • JcW

    Discord player Android
    Please help. What's wrong? Please fix.

  • Cringe

    can they add .mov support?

  • xThyXaviPlayzx

    They added it Cringe


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