Consolidate notifications [Android]


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  • Frankenyeen

    Bump, I'd really love to have this feature, it's a pretty standard feature of Android apps these days.

    Bonus points for options to group by server, group all servers, and/or group DMs.

  • Sudo

    I don't think that's possible with android.

  • Kitsune Inari

    ¿Not possible? Even goshdang Whattsap does it right!

  • MAD

    Very much in agreement with OP.. please allow us to declutter the notifications!

  • nick stickly



  • sowelie

    This is still an issue, actually I think it's gotten worse. I have been getting separate notifications from the same group / channel. It is obnoxious. I'm on Android 10. Please fix this. Also, mark as read doesn't work from the notifications.

  • Nev

    Bumping this, 2020 and still nothing. It's frustrating and annoying to have to scroll through tons of notifications when most apps are updated to do this now.

  • offensivename

    Please fix this soon. It's so bad.

  • corylulu

    Bumping this again. This is really needed. Grouped notifications (at least per server) would reduce so much of my notification spam. I hate going through all my notifications and having to scroll past 20 separate Discord notifications and I don't always just want to dismiss them all. Do it like Gmail, messages, whatsapp and everyone else does it.


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