Choose input/output sources on mobile


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  • pyrakitt

    I want the option to choose different input/output so badly. I have a friend that only uses mobile and gets better quality from plugging in a set of speakers, unfortunately those Bluetooth speakers also have a crappy built in mic. No matter what we tried it uses that mic as the default. Having to get different speakers is annoying, but a possible fix. 

    However this is just one of dozens of examples where being able to change the input/output, just like on desktop, would help immensely. 

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  • faery

    I want to be able to use a Bluetooth speaker in chat rooms because my friends and I have music listening nights and text chat and it’s annoying for it to have to go through the speaker on my iPad or messy iPhone speakers. I thought I used to be able to choose Bluetooth but now I don’t seem to get that option even though I’m connected to my Bluetooth speaker. 👎🏻

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  • Michael G

    I want the option to choose because I have earbuds with a mic but the mics quality sucks so I wanna use the phones mic and my earbuds speakers

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