Add a way for Nitro Classic subscribers to boost a server


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  • catbear_lola

    I also have a Mac and no need for the Games version of Nitro because Windows doesn't support the games. I'm not spending an extra fifty bucks per year for perks I can't use just to have the ability to boost the server of my choice. The heck is this?

  • BritishAPT

    I am planning on getting nitro classic cause I want the perks but not the games. But I want to boost. Maybe like halve the cooldown for regular nitro members or maybe have 2 boosts after the 7 day cooldown for them? I think regular nitro should just add the games to nitro classic, not have some special perk that someone has to upgrade to and get a lot of extra stuff they don't want.

  • DickHardly | Gen1

    Just allow both levels of Discord Nitro boost ONCE a month. I don't get why it has to be that Classic gets cucked when it comes to this. Nitro already gets loads of games why keep bundling all the perks leaving Classic users left out. 5 dollars for a single boost is a bit much. If I really need to pay more for boosting just tack like 2 dollars on my classic sub. Doubling my sub just to boost doesn't seem worth it.


    I would upgrade my tier of Nitro but I have no use for the games since my steam library already has most of these games. The boost is a great idea but its not enough for me to increase my sub. 100 dollars a year is a lot to ask for since I'm not going to be using what the driving factor of the 100 dollar sub is for, its not for me. 

  • Willby

    I believe that nitro classic users should be able to "half boost" a server meaning that it would take 2 nitro classic users to create 1 boost.

    What about this?

  • ヤシュ ミッタル

    Don't worry guys, Discord will add Server boosting to Nitro Classic too


  • Kappa

    I don't understand why this is "good."  I just purchased a year of Nitro Classic recently for $4.99 /m.  If I want to boost my server its another $4.99 /m.  It's the same price as just getting Games Nitro.  I should've just gotten Games Nitro in the first place then...

    The point of this thread was to allow Classic users an option to boost without paying another $4.99 /m extra.  If you pay for Classic and also want to server boost, you might as well just get the games package too as it's the same price for less content now.

    All this does help people who don't already have Classic.  It's a big middle finger to the people that have been paying for Classic and supporting Discord but not early enough to get Grandfathered in.

    On top of that, they want to increase the level requirements now making this harder for smaller servers.  Overall, this just seems like an attempt to gather as much money as possible as opposed to compromising with Classic users at all.  Why not make is $1.99 /m for Classic users to boost or something that seems more fair to me.

  • ヤシュ ミッタル

    With Nitro Games you can boost one server at the one and you have to wait for few days for the cool down.

    But with the subscription of $4.99/mo for each server boost you can boost as much server as you want.

  • Azpen

    Yashu, isn't the cooldown for switching which server you want to boost?

    I think it would be better to have the Server Boosts sold separately, and the prices tiered to which sub you have.

    Non-subs: 3$ per boost
    Classic: 2$ per boost
    Regular: 1$ per boost

  • Plue

    I agree, the new system is great for them because it's going to give us more reason to keep that subscription going. But really, I don't think that audio quality upgrades should be premium features. That should be a core feature.

  • ヤシュ ミッタル

    Yashu, isn't the cooldown for switching which server you want to boost?

    Not sure about that, I have to read the help docs for that 😅. But one thing I am sure that you can boost only one server at a time with Nitro Game subscription.

    We cannot land to any conclusions right now, since they are just getting started with the Server Boosting thingy.

    Also, one thing is for sure, that Server Boosting feature is a big hit for Discord and they will not let it go for free in any case.


  • Mike Zacharias

    Yes, nitro classic should be able to boost servers as well

  • maddie 💖

    yea its really annoying that id have to double my subscription price for one feature considering most games that get on nitro that i have any interest in playing i already own

  • Jaska

    $5 definitely seems like way too low value proposition for just a boost. $2 would be reasonable, it's sad that nitro classic doesn't have it included, very few people care about discord games.

  • T-Rex.

    Completely agreed. Classic is the “chat perk” option so that’s why I picked it, I don’t really have any need for the games subscription, and yet this feature is restricted to only the premium tier? Discord wants to make money so that makes sense, but they could have at least added the option for classic users to boost a single server or something like that. 

    I know they said they're going to add the option for classic subscribers to boost, but it will come at a cost of $4.99 (I believe) which basically takes the price up to the premium tier... so it’s not really a solution.

  • LeMoonStar

    For me the problem is , that I use Ubuntu (Linux) , and therefore would not be able to use games from the 10$ nitro, so it won't be wort it for me. But I would like to boost a server, it would be ok, if the 10$ nitro gets two boost's and nitro classic only one. Then we have at least one boost.

  • Mattler~~

    Yeah what people are talking about, since it has nothing to do with the games from discord nitro it shouldnt be tied to it. Let the server boost run free and let the classic version use it as well.

  • Mattler~~

    Yeah what people are talking about, since it has nothing to do with the games from discord nitro it shouldnt be tied to it. Let the server boost run free and let the classic version use it as well.

  • Erwin

    Audio quality shouldn't be a part of server boosting. Audio quality and low ping are the key essentials for why Discord is appropriate as an alternative to TeamSpeak and it's so popular and proliferated fast because it's free for good quality.

    If one of these gets limited/degraded and we have to pay (or be granted through a donation-like structure like this server boost structure) it loses its advantage and we might as well go back to TeamSpeak or go for a free open source alternative like Mumble.

  • BradW

    I agree that nitro classic should get a server boost token and nitro (paying more a month) should get more than one 

    at the moment it's like this -

    two kids playing (one younger than the other) . then the big school bully comes over and picks on the little kid and takes his server boost token away cause he's the easier of the two to pick on.

    Grandfathered get server boost due to early membership but you're apparently taking that away from them as soon as of 2020 and they will have to pay the full price of nitro to have the server boost perk again (  thats not respecting those who have supported discord early days


    don't dangle a new perk above away from a poor person when it would benefit everyone and more folk would want nitro in general than no nitro at all 

    if you want to promote a new perk . Celebrate it with everyone not just the big boys or the one's with the more money to spare
    especially when it's pride month. love for all 

  • Ale33x

    add more levels and let classic users contribute with one boost while nitro users get 2

  • Nyanko

    I have to agree with this post. You should also allow classic nitro user like me to boost a server too. I promised a friend that I would boost her server but if they only allow nitro (with games) users to boost, I will have to upgrade to the 99.99 one (since I want a yearly).

    I got a 49.99 classic subscription and to pay extra 50$ to get a yearly nitro with games I wont ever play to boost a server is extremely ridiculous.

    Even the 9.99/month is also not worth the money for me.

  • Demon

    I believe that we should have the option to achieve at least Level 1 or something similar with the Server Owner boosting the server.


    The idea is that TeamSpeak, Ventrilo and so on allowed for hosting own servers with a much lesser price (of course they did not have the other Discord benefits included), however what matters here is that they had the control over their own server.


    In this model, the Server Owner has to basically beg the others to support their own community, which is a terrible implementation of a potentially good idea.

  • Xumari

    I'd like to subscribe to Nitro Classic, I really do, but it is overpriced. When I saw this new NitroBoosts feature, I thought: "now we are talking!", but how disappointing to see that NitroBoost it's only for full prized Nitro users. 

    Nitro Classic (5 USD / month) is overpriced. NitroBoost is the feature Nitro Classic needs to be on price. I suggest ONE NitroBoost to Nitro Classic users, and TWO to full-Nitro users.

  • Xumari

    I disagree with "half boost". It is better to give TWO NitroBoost to Nitro users, and only one to Nitro Classic users.

    Edit to clarify: I mean two (to boost two servers), not double.

  • refusal

    Vouch, this is needed, we are supporting Discord and we should be able to atleast boost 1 server. 

  • ItzAwesome

    I agree with you, we need way to boost servers without 10$ subscription, some people are not able to afford 10$ subscription and some people does not need theses games..

  • who am i

    I agree with you

    Or just make 3.Nitro acces = Animated Emoji and Server Boost only 2 permissions

  • eatingenderman89

    Totally agree. Wish this should be added.

  • Vikinglaw

    Yes, please! Make this happen. 

    I think the individual boosts feature they are supposedly planning is stupid. I get that maybe from a business perspective it is a good idea to make it so only $10 subscribers can boost servers. But realistically, it isn't. Because most people won't bother to pay $5 extra per month to boost a server. If anything, it only reduces the value of the Classic Nitro, making people less intrigued to make any purchase at all.

    I suggest making it an option for both subscriptions to use the feature. It will be good for business either way. By allowing both options to use the feature, you increase the value of both subscriptions instead of decreasing the value of classic, and not making any change to the $10 option.

  • juan pedro

    Yeah, I totally agree. People might buy nitro classic for boosting, not the more expensive regular nitro. So I think you would not only keep your users happier, but also make more money. Plus, I feel like its a bit unfair, since you already dont get a whole lot for $50 a year.




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