Add a way for Nitro Classic subscribers to boost a server


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  • Hydra

    Nobody wants to spend $10 a month for as long as the server is up. I can’t believe the boost gets taken after nitro runs out. You still payed $10 that month, why should the boost get removed after nitro expires? And then the perks from the server get taken away. Like we already earned the icon why can’t we just keep it, Is $40 for 2 people boosting for 2 months not enough for discord to let us keep the animated icon? Probably going to stop paying until this is fixed :/

  • Valaquesse

    Reposting my response from elsewhere: 


    Hey - yeah. I would also like some Boost related feature for Nitro Classic.  I am not interested in the games pass upgrade and frankly can't really afford it but would love my current subscription (and that of my server members) to unlock more emoji space/banners/bandwidth.
    Also. I get this is really cool for larger servers that are constantly looking to expand but I run a very small server of close friends and it would be great if Boost or something similar could work for us. We love Discord as a service and many of us are Nitro Classic members because we want the platform to thrive. 

    As an aside; we also have - so many other games libraries and library subscriptions that Nitro+ isn't really a draw for most of us. It's cool you have this as a service but I think there's a large number of Discord users for who it's redundant - and Boost doesn't add enough value for me to want to upgrade. 

    Edit: I get you're a business and want to make money and expand but you really need to put out an offer that is based on the Discord platform and service and not just a series of additional premium perks. I would like to - for example - pay a fixed amount of month to just unlock all of the gubbins for my one server. I don't need insentivised growth. Just a straightforward pay X for Y. Like with website hosting. 


    Additional suggestion: 
    Whilst I don't really want the games library it would be neat if you could implement a system where - on individual servers - all Nitro Classic members (or some new arbitrary membership tier) could access one set game for that month (chosen by the server owner/voted on). That would be a cool way of communities accessing new games together - feel interactive - encourage more users to pay a small fee for some content etc. 

    Those are my two cents worth anyway. Take care.

  • dada513

    i agree, I don't want nitro games but i want to boost my server.

  • Jazzy

    I’m hoping the same here.  

    If one classic nitro subscription could equal a half boost, that could resolve all of the issue,  might actually be good for business 👍🏼

  • RigZero

    This is a great suggestion. 

    I was about to gift a Nitro to try the higher audio quality but $9.99 (or the $13+ CAD I have to pay) is too much.  $4.99 is much more reasonable. If I can tell a difference, I would pay another $50/yr on top of my Grandfathered Classic to have those options.

    I don't play any of the games so that wouldn't be of any use to me.  I originally purchased Nitro simply to support Discord without any use for the perks it came with.  Better audio was the first Nitro bonus I was excited for and then I realized I'm the only person on our little server with Nitro.  Sad trombone.

    I hope you reconsider your pricing model or at least offer a reasonable Server Boost only subscription option. 


  • wunguscrill

    I really do like this suggestion, as it creates an incentive for people who wouldn't want the games that comes with the "full" nitro subscription

    I feel the marketing between nitro classic and standard nitro is a bit misleading, as nitro classic is at a glance "nitro if you don't care for the games", even going as far to even be stated as "Don't care for the games? Support Discord and get chat perks" or something along the lines of that (as of recently, it was changed to "Don't want Boosts? Support Discord and get chat perks" which is a bit disappointing) 

    I (along with many others) feel that the only difference between Nitro Classic and standard Nitro should be the inclusion of games, so people who only want "chat perks"(which I feel server boosting is definitely a "chat perk") would only have to pay $4.99/month while the people who are interested in all the extra games could pay an extra $5 per month.

    Although even though I stated the games should be the only difference between nitro and nitro classic, I wouldn't mind Nitro standard getting an extra boost or so, as long as Nitro classic still had at least one server boost, as $9.99/month just to boost a server is a bit much.


  • Xumari

    No, I totally disagree with half boost to Classic uses. It will still be overpriced that way. The fair solution is Classic users can boost one server, Full Nitro users two servers.

    Edit: I want to clarify that this is not my first comment on this thread, see page 3, so this is a comment to another comment. I totally agree with the post, but I disagree with the solution proposed by many.

  • Alb๛rt™

    Xumari in a way u do agree to the topic.....😑

  • Arya1230

    If you don't provide that feature we will no more buy nitro classic

  • Hydra

    I am going to refund my nitro subscription until this is fixed :/

  • Xumari

    @Alb๛rt™I've been truly missunderstandable XD Sorry. I edit to clarify.

  • Valaquesse

    Agreed. Needing 50 boosts to unlock level 3 they're literally asking for $500 a month for more emoji and bandwidth.
    They're also indirectly turning server owners into sales reps for Nitro. Peak capitalism much.

  • Dora

    I agree, good suggestion.

  • Rasmus Paludan
    Nitro is advertised as being chat perks plus games
    1. Boosting IS a chat perk 2. Nitro is being advertised as nitro classic with games Completely unfair, they should both boost
  • Thoth

    I know it has been stated that Nitro classic users will be able to boost servers in the future but this isn't good enough. At present these perks are only seen on larger servers. I think I've seen just one smaller community higher than level 1. This is an absolutely asinine approach when Nitro classic is advertised as giving chat perks. Expecting a smaller community to collectively pay $50 per month for minimal mostly cosmetic perks is not only shady but clearly deliberate as profits are the only focus here. I feel bad for the thousands who have likely purchased Nitro classic only to realize they needed to spend more in order to boost. We know you could fix this right now if you wanted to but by delaying this it's just reinforcing the notion that you're less about community and more about money. I'm sure discord employees are rolling their eyes at this but it's true.

  • KarenCasey

    Boosting in general as the only option to improve a server is pretty limiting, there are smaller servers whose users can't afford to boost, it's not possible to gift boost on behalf of someone, and there will be people unwilling to boost for various reasons, all of which means that smaller servers are going to struggle and suffer. Being able to use Classic Nitro to boost is a step in the right direction. There should also be an option for the server owner/admins to pay upfront to upgrade their server and give them the option to open the server for boosting if the community wants to and is able to.

  • Kio

    I guess I understand that, but at the same time, this is how Discord makes money. As Wumpus says, Bandwidth does not grow on trees. They have to pay at least $200/month for the servers, and that's only counting one, or two, of the 500 they own.

    They have to pay an internet bill, just like you.

    They have to pay their employees, just like your boss.

    They don't want to go out of business... Sooooo....

  • seanwlk

    So, you are telling me that for you 500€/month is a fair price for few emotes and animated server icon?

    I'd gladly pay a fixed price, like 10€ just to have +50emotes and another 10€ for animated icon. I don't appreciate nitro (classic) as well since It's a subscription. I'd pay ONCE 20€ for permanent global emotes, not even increased upload size and stuff.

  • SillyDogGaming

    As Wumpus also says "Buy Nitro" trollolol

  • Kio

    I never said that 500Eu. is not fair. I'm just saying that people need to pay the bills. 9.99/m is more than fair to make up for all the free shit they're giving you.

  • kitty

    This is capitalism all over again. I put in a lot of effort to run my server and run it well. But I know for a fact that a lot of my members wouldn't be paying $10 a month because they don't use Discord for games. So our community will suffer because of it. WTF, Discord. Why the hell are you creating classes between servers? We have enough of that bullshit in the real world. Do the right thing and fix it.

  • LonyLock

    I think there 2 ways to do server boosting better:
    Get permanent server booster if you buy 10$ nitro.
    Or add chance boosting server for nitro classic.
    But then you need to increase number of required boosters.
    I hope you change smth))

  • Joey Cubes

    I 100% agree. I would love server boosting for classic.

  • yui

    I bought Nitro classic thinking it would give me a server boost because the wiki and advertising page says the only difference between $49 and $99 was the games. Please make it very clear on your purchasing pages that you don't get server boost with classic.

  • FairyMarin

    I was hoping they would eventually make another nitro version, maybe 1 or two dollars more expensive than classic, where you can server boost, have all the chat extra's like emoji's, more upload availability for pictures and so on..., but not the games! As a student i don't have the money for Nitro, but only for Nitro Classic per year. I am able to server boost right now (A gift from discord <3 ) , since i had Nitro back when it was still one thing without the games... However, i see now that i do not make use of the games and mostly just use the chatextra's and... well boosting. 

    Making an inbetween option of some sort would make a nitro user who would like to boost, but doesn't use the games, a lot happier! 

    Please consider this in a way, or make it atleast so that you could give a boost per month or per two weeks for like 1 dollar per boost for example, to keep it available to everyone :) 

  • Divlo

    I'm completely agreed with that :

    Add a way for Nitro Classic subscribers to boost a server.
    Add a way for Nitro (with game) subscribers to boost 2 servers.

  • Master-Guy

    I already have all the games that Nitro offers, don't care about the upload as I got other services for that, and don't use GIFS. I don't want to pay $10/mo to Discord just to help one of my servers get "boosted".

  • Cosmic

    Possible suggestion:

    Allow Nitro Classic to have 1 boost.

    Allow Nitro (with game) to have 2 boosts, but can only use 1 boost per server?


    (not sure if already suggested)

  • Xumari

    @Cosmic Yes! That's exactly my suggestion. 1 boost to Classic, 2 to Nitro, only one boost per server allowed.

    I think it's the best and fairest solution.

  • kalomka

    It needs to be in other topic...


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